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How To Create A High Converting Sales Funnel

Step 1 - Create A Landing Page With The Best Sales Funnel Software...

Your landing page is the entry-point of your funnel. It is a single-button page, crafted to generate one specific response from your visitors. If you design this page correctly, you will funnel your traffic through to opt-in to your email list or buy your product (or both), depending on how you design your funnel. 

Here’s how to determine and choose the best sales funnel software for your needs.

Step 2 - Connect To Customizable Shopping Cart Software...

The checkout-and-delivery pages of your sales funnel are critical. This is the point in the funnel where your customer is prompted to pull out their credit card and pay for the item you’re offering. 

But all-too-often, potential buyers shy away at the last moment… usually due to poor sales copy or content. Not only does your online shopping cart need to seal-the-deal with potential buyers… it also needs to give them a simple, user-friendly delivery experience. 

From bare-bones budget options to all the bells and whistles, here’s the top shopping cart software on the market.

Step 3 - Deliver Your Goods - A Flexible LMS...

What is an LMS? It is a learning management system.

If you are selling physical products, doing one-on-one coaching, or doing some other physical involvement with your customer, you do not need this in your sales funnel.

But for online courses, membership programs, information products, and more... you need to host your goods on a learning management system that delivers an excellent customer experience. 

Step 4 - Create A One-Time-Offer Page That Actually Sells...

The one-time-offer page (OTO page) is where your visitors will go after they have opted in, but before their free-item arrives. This page contains a one-time-offer… an amazing product offered at a seriously discounted price. 

A lot of inexperienced marketers mess up on the OTO, though, by trying to turn a gross profit on the front end of their funnel. This is the biggest mistake that most inexperienced marketers make. 

Step 5 - Bring In Additional Revenue With A One-Click Upsell...

A one-click-upsell is a vital part of the sales funnel process. 

Your one-click upsell is an offer that customers will see after they’ve decided to buy your OTO, before the transaction finalizes… and many inexperienced marketers make mistakes on this page by not designing it correctly or split-testing it enough. In short… you need to use an oto script that converts!

Step 6 - Create An Autoresponder Sequence With Email Marketing Software... 

The autoresponder sequence is a collection of emails that are sent out after a visitor opts-in to your email list. These emails perform a number of key functions. They introduce your business to your new list members, tell them what you do, and show them how you can help them. 

The best email marketing software will offer tagging, segmentation, and more. When you learn how to weave these tools into your autoresponder emails, you will achieve a more ‘active’ email list. And that is how you scale to a six-figure-income and beyond!   

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Why Is A Funnel Important In 2020 & Beyond?

If you are seeking to sell your products, services or information through the Internet… You need a sales funnel.

Simply stated a funnel is a series of webpages that help your visitors to turn into leads and customers in a very short period of time.

From affiliate marketing funnels to membership funnels, free plus shipping funnels for physical products to advanced retargeting funnels you have many options at your disposal.

One challenge you will encounter is the large software companies trying to sell you expensive "funnel software" that is marketed as the only solution to building a sales funnel online.

This is the ongoing sales funnel scam that is too rampant in digital marketing today.

It's always funny when multiple companies are all selling an overpriced item that can be handled through open source software!

I fell into the trap of these overpriced funnel systems and wasted thousands of dollars and years of my time trying to get them to work right.

They were impossible to customize, their support was less than responsive and often had a "pass the buck mentality" leaving me frustrated with an expensive system that never worked properly.

I decided to embark on the process of building my own sales funnel and was amazed at how easy the process was.

Now, I've created this website to help you in two ways.

First, you can access all of the how to build an online sales funnel information for free. This do-it-yourself sales funnel solution will save you thousands of dollars compared to the other software options!

Second, this site is a living case study where I will continue to add functionality and customizations… While documenting the process, so I can teach you advanced funnel strategies based on this do-it-yourself sales funnel platform.

So it is both a teaching website and an example website at the same time.

Why am I doing this?

Simple! There are too many fake gurus out there promoting these overpriced software solutions because they earn large commissions for every sale.

Click funnels, for example, will pay affiliates nearly $2000 per year, every year for one sale!

All this means is that thousands of your dollars go down the drain with those systems and into the pockets of greedy people promoting subpar solutions.

I'm standing firmly against that kind of business model.

Also, my wife and I have a very successful business online that utilizes these funnels on the exact platform your learning about here... So I don't need your money!

This is my way of giving back to the community and paying it forward for those seeking a solution that will cost a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand dollars per year.

If you want to learn more about me and my story, click here, now.