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What Is A Sales Page? 11 Important Elements Every Sales Page Needs

What is a sales page? A sales page is an internet page built with a single purpose: conversion

Yes, its purpose is to convert visitors into customers.

By now, you’re doubtlessly recalling multiple times you’ve ended up on such a page, a few times even being successfully turned into a customer. 

However, creating an effective sales page is far from easy. There is a lot of trial and error involved in the process of learning to create a page that effectively converts. 

So, let’s isolate 11 points of focus for your first sales page.

1. Good Sales Copy

good sales copy

In the world of sales, sales copy (also simply known as ‘copy’) is what your potential customers will read through to find out what you’re selling. 

Copy is the most important, and the largest, body of text on your sales page, and its intentions are pretty straightforward — to persuade the reader to do something.

How To Craft Dynamic Sales Copy

Depending on the type of the sales page in question, your page copy can tell different stories and aim at persuading the reader to do different things. 

Most importantly, however, your sales copy should always be in line with your sales page’s mission, especially if we’re talking about a long form sales page.

For instance, if the point of your sales page is to sell a bicycle, your copy is the vessel that you will use to communicate to the visitor why they should want the bicycle you’re selling

It is vital and instrumental to the entire conversion process.

What Constitutes ‘Good’ Copy?

So, what is good sales copy? 

This short question doesn’t come with a short answer attached to it. 

In truth, no one can really tell you how to write a good copy; you’ll have to learn it through experience. 

In terms of guidelines,  good sales copy is credible, engaging, clear, persuasive, and concise.

In other words, it needs to cater to the modern internet user’s relatively short attention span, but not in an overly excited manner. 

Want access to a free course that will show you how to crush it with dynamic sales copy? Check out John Carlton’s Simple Writing System

2. A Good Story

good story

Of course, your sales copy should also convey a story. This is very important, because your story is what gives your copy personality, and helps your audience to connect with it.

Think of it as a superhero origin tale. Sure, everyone wants to see Batman fight bad guys and use super-cool gadgets, all wrapped in some amazing visual effects and great camera work. 

But what makes the whole thing compelling, what makes the reader truly relate to the hero, is their backstory.

Learn more about how to weave compelling storytelling into your content by checking out Andre Chaperon’s Story Powered Marketing Course. 

What Role Does Storytelling Play On A Sales Page?

In other words, your story is the tool that will help make an emotional connection between your brand or product, and the visitor that you’re trying to convert. 

The best part about your story is that it is honest. It may not seem like it, but it’s where you connect to your own brand, as well.

Being Honest Is Super Important

Nobody is a good enough writer to build a completely compelling fake story behind a brand or a product. 

Telling lies is relatively easy, but building something fake and making it sustainable is borderline impossible

Besides, the more honest and truthful you are about your passion on the sales page, the better.

Remember that the readers can always see through the lies and fake emotions.

3. A Perfect Headline

perfect headline

Yes, we all know that ‘attention span’ isn’t this generation’s strong suit. 

With so much content available online, there is only so much available time to check stuff out. 

And what you want your potential customers to do is check out your sales page. 

So you’ve successfully landed them there, and yes… you’ve nailed the copy. But is there any guarantee that they will stay long enough to read through the copy and get the message that you’re trying to convey?

Sadly, there is no guarantee. There is little guarantee of anything in the world of sales, in general. 

But what you can do is make sure that the target group reads past the headline. You want to make sure that they bite.

As the case is with writing good copy, there really isn’t one single tip that will make your headline writing skills great

One idea is to start building a swipe file, using other successful headlines as examples. 

It takes time and practice to develop this skill. 

However, some guidelines would be to write concise, to-the-point, attention-grabbing headlines that will raise eyebrows.

Don’t be afraid to leap out of the internet’s general comfort zone. 

Depending on what you’re selling, you can use bold, unconventional statements to proverbially light up your headline like the Hollywood sign. 

Be careful not to take it too far, though.

4. Scroll-Stopping Subheadings

Have you ever visited a sales page that ended up just leaving you scrolling through it… and ultimately closing it? 

Well, there are numerous reasons why a certain page may be unappealing to you — unengaging headlines, bad page design, unpleasant color schemes, weird fonts, etc.

On the other hand, you’ve probably visited pages that still managed to keep you engaged and reading, despite the horrible design that the creators went with.

Most likely, this was all thanks to a good choice of subheadings

How To Make Subheadings Awesome

If they are strategically well-placed and properly highlight key points in the content, subheadings will keep the reader at least somewhat engaged in the content.

It will make the whole experience easier for them, and that means a lot in this day-and-age.

5. Credibility and Rapport

credibility and rapport

You may not have noticed it, but there are growing amounts of honesty among salespeople out there right now. 

This is partly because, over the years, the visitors have learned when not to convert into customers.

Maybe you’ve noticed many sales pages with a “Why trust us?” section. Yes, this is a brilliant way to establish credibility and rapport with the visitor. However, in order to answer this question to your potential customers, you first need to answer it for yourself.

How To Build Credibility With Your Audience

Ask yourself what you’d be looking for in a sales page

Credentials, experience, and previous successful projects are good telltale signs of a legitimate brand and a well-conducted business. Include as many of these into your copy as possible.

There are other ways to ensure credibility as well, though. 

For the most part, you need to do this through well-written, well-planned content that will help to build trust and explain to your audience why you are doing what you are doing, why they should trust you, and why you are better than the competition. 

Your customers need to know that you are the best choice… the best solution to their problem

If you can get them to believe this through dynamic sales copy, headlines, bullets, and even video sales letters… then you’ll get the conversions you need to make money online. 

6. Efficient Testimonials

efficient testimonials

If you’ve been in the sales business for long enough, you know the importance of testimonials

Testimonials are, essentially, user stories that will help your future customers trust you

Of course, you can simply ask one of your customers to write a good testimonial, but that will probably land you with something along the lines of: “Awesome product. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.”

Why is this testimonial less desirable? 

Because it doesn’t say anything, really. 

You need to think about what your potential customers are wondering about.

What Do Customers Actually Want To Know? 

Here are some things that your potential customers are actually probably wondering about:

  • “Is this worth my time?”
  • “Will this solve my problem or satisfy my needs?”
  • “Why should I trust this person or business?”
  • “Is this too hard to learn or to use?”
  • “How long does it last? What’s the warranty on this thing?”

These are example questions that your testimonials should answer. This is why it is important to come up with good questions for your customers.

7. Good Web Design

good web design

Here’s the bit many online marketers dread — website design

Yes, your product sales page needs to look and feel nice, despite what anyone might tell you. 

Under no circumstance should it feel clunky, or look like it’s a throwback to 1997. 

What makes a page look outdated and illegitimate? Signs of low effort put into making it.

(Need to make your WordPress website look awesome? Check out Thrive Themes!)

How To Make Your Page Look Awesome

You definitely don’t want your potential customer to squint at the screen or laugh at your poor webpage design, as this can do quite a number on your credibility and how you’re perceived as a professional.

So, what’s the solution? Quite simply, have a good web designer design your sales page

(Or, buy a fantastic pre-built site from a company like Human Proof Designs.)

If you think that you can do it, give it a go. However, never underestimate the importance of a good-looking website.

If you aren’t skilled in web design, hire a good professional. It may set you back quite a bit in the financial department, but it will pay for itself over and over again down the road

You need solid sales page design in your arsenal, whether it’s a regular or a video sales page.

(You can also design funnel pages, landing pages, and sales pages that crush it using LeadPages! Check them out!)

8. Risk Relievers

risk relievers

Even after so many years, and with services such as PayPal, people are still distrustful of the internet, especially when we’re talking about buying and paying for products online. 

Even if you do everything by the book, and make your sales page credible, featuring fantastic content, gorgeous design, and strong storytelling… some people may remain skeptical.

Sure, you will still make conversions, but making sure that even the most skeptical of visitors are converted as well can easily be accomplished. 

How? By offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t Just Relieve Risk… Try To Eliminate It

Don’t just write the words. Elaborate. Make sure that you tell your customers that they can return the product within a certain time period and receive a 100% refund. Additionally, make the refund process as easy as possible.

Why would you offer this? Doesn’t this mean that a customer might abuse the policy by using your product or service, and then getting a full refund after they’ve done so? 

Well, the whole point is to market a product that the customer will want to keep. If you didn’t do this, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

9. A Solid Close

solid close

It’s time to seal the deal. 

Once you’ve made sure that you’ve covered every crucial aspect of a rock-solid sales page, you’ll need to make sure that you do everything that is in your power to close the deal

A great call to action, or CTA, is what you need here.

What Makes A Good Call To Action?

A good CTA doesn’t just push the customer into clicking that button. No, it reminds the customer of all the benefits that they’ll be getting when they buy

Additionally, a CTA isn’t complete without re-stating all the inconveniences and pain that the product or service in question will help to do away with.

It is very important, however, that you remain relaxed, calm, and professional here. You don’t have to do a hard sell. Use terms such as:

  • “Join our community now”
  • “Download here”
  • “Get instant access here”

10. Present a Great Offer

present a great offer

Finally, it all boils down to how good your offer is. Remind your potential customers of what exactly they will get for their money

Every single detail of your product matters here. If the product in question has multiple functionalities, make sure that you outline the main one first.

Here’s a list of features in the example of a car smartphone holder:

  • “Provides a firm hold for your smartphone”
  • “Works with iOS and Android devices”
  • “Gives you an additional charging option”
  • “Comes in custom colors”

Additionally, if you can, try making a one-time offer that will land the potential customer with a fantastic discount

You can also go for a two-for-one option. This may not seem like it pays off, but people do tend to click on these offers a lot.

11. Solid Grammar

As someone who’s seen a myriad of sales pages over years of browsing, you’ve probably read through thousands of words of sales page copy content. The final piece that will keep people reading your sales page is solid grammar

You don’t have to be a professional writer or someone with a knack for artistic expression to write a good sales page… but what you do need is good grammar.

This Is A Fairly Universal Requirement – Regardless Of Your Niche

This doesn’t have anything to do with your select target group. 

Even if you don’t expect your customers to be native speakers, you still need to focus on grammar. 

Making sure that the written content on your sales page is typo and error-free will make it look significantly more professional.

And the best part about it? Well, it takes little effort to do so, really. 

If you are a native English speaker, take some time to carefully review the grammar on your sales page. 

Read through it thoroughly, as many times as it takes. Keep in mind that, when it comes to writing online copy, grammar is your friend.

The Rules Aren’t That Strict

These 11 elements are crucial when it comes to creating a fantastic sales page, but they’re not set in stone. There is a lot of wiggle room for innovative and interesting ideas.

(Interested in creating a simple, effective 1-page funnel? Check out this webinar by Brian Moran on his amazing one page funnel design!)

Make sure to tell a good story, make a great offer, have a page that looks and reads great, and provide a guarantee for your potential conversions. These are the most important ingredients for a brilliant sales page.

In Conclusion

Have you recently created a sales page for your site? 

If so, comment below and let us know how it went! 

Or, are you just now getting ready to create your first one?

If so, do you have any further questions?

Feel free to comment and join the conversation! 

We love to hear how you’re doing with your own projects! 

Authority Spy Review: 9 Advantages and My Thoughts on This App

Do you truly know who is most influential in your field?

Can you name the blogs in your field that rank highest on Google searches? Can you name the related social media accounts with the highest followings?

It’s okay if the answer is no. In truth, the most influential figures, brands and accounts within a particular niche might be surprising even to industry insiders.

When we think of influencers, we might imagine Instagram models or YouTube vloggers with millions of followers.

The reality is that many influencers fall under the radar outside of certain industries and circles: they are often reputable businesses, active bloggers, and professionals with an online presence.

But if the authorities in your industry aren’t completely obvious, how are you ever supposed to reach out to them?

Authority Spy helps businesses get in contact with the people who are most relevant to your brand… but also, most importantly, your customers.

Guest posts, sponsorships, collaborations… working with influential people and platforms is a proven method to raise your profile and expand your customer base.

But is Authority Spy the right way to reach out? In this review, I’ll go through the features offered by this program, and how the help of an influencer could be your big break.

Core Features

core features

1. Locate Influencers Near You

This is Authority Spy’s core feature. From blogs and websites, to social media accounts, Authority Spy can produce thousands of results that are location-based.

The idea of partnering with international influencers might sound alluring, but the reality is a partnership from a local business or blog is much more likely to have a direct impact on your customer base. If their business is hitting a higher search volume, it’s definitely worth reaching out about link building opportunities or potential collaborations.

2. Employee Identification

Authority Spy does not only allow you to identify influential websites and organizations, but you can actually see employee lists where applicable.

This feature is great because knowing about an influencer is not what matters–getting in contact with them is what does the trick. Often, an employee’s contact details will be hidden in search engine results, so this is huge for building out your outreach strategy.

Even if an organization or social media account has contact information, you can easily become lost among hundreds of emails.

By contacting an employee directly, you maximize your chances of your collaboration proposal ending up in the right hands.

3. Guest Post Opportunities

guest post opportunities

Whenever possible, Authority Spy will let you know if a blog offers the opportunity for guest posts. Internet marketers are huge into guest posting, especially if you’re just getting started. It gets your name and business out there to a new audience, and you can usually get a backlink (even in something subtle like your ‘author bio’).

Link building wherever you can, especially from authority sites with high search volume, will increase your traffic and analytics for your website.

Guest posts can be a great way to utilize an influencer’s massive audience, and making a case for your brand is worth paying attention to.

4. Export Results For Free

If you have a few minutes to check Authority Spy on your lunch break, it may not be enough time to jot down everything, especially considering the fact that the program often produces thousands of results.

Luckily, you can export results for free, so you can always return to a search at a later time.

5. Keep Your Projects Separate

keep your projects separate

Maybe you want to expand the audience of your healthy recipes blog and your Chicago-based restaurant. These two distinct projects will have different audiences and, therefore, require different searches.

To avoid any confusion, Authority Spy allows you to create separate files for separate projects, ensuring that you only see the most relevant information.

6. All-In-One Metrics

Authority Spy doesn’t make you go chasing down the specific details you need, and I appreciate them so much more for it. When making a search, you will see top influencers as well as their success across various platforms and their contact details.

Using Authority Spy, the process of finding influencers will never be anything but easy.

7. Easy Outreach

easy outreach

Found an influencer and want to reach out?

Authority Spy makes this process easy. They provide contact information and social media accounts directly in search results, meaning you don’t have to go hunting for any further information.

8. Find Influencers For Hire

Forget LinkedIn. If you are hiring, Authority Spy can be your one-stop resource to find qualified candidates near you.

Not only do they filter results through region (ensuring that you do not find the perfect candidate who lives on the other side of the country), but they can help you gauge whether a candidate is respected, experienced, and influential in the field.

9. Language-Specific Results

language specific results

Your audience is not a monolith.

By showing language-specific results, Authority Spy allows you to reach out to specific communities, or filter out certain influencers who may be popular, but who aren’t relevant to your brand.

The last thing you want is to waste your time on an Engnlish guest post, only to submit it to a Spanish-speaking blog. On the other hand, if you want to reach out to a certain community, it can be useful to work with influencers who speak their language.

Pricing Models

pricing models

Authority Spy offers three packages: Basic, Pro and Platinum.

Basic and Pro packages can be accessed with a one-time fee of $27 and $47, respectively. The Platinum package, which offers the most features, has a one-time fee of $47 along with an additional $17 a month subscription fee.

The Platinum package is by far the priciest, and although it comes with special features such as profile matching, many beginners will probably find more value with one of the two more affordable package options.

My Thoughts On Authority Spy

The accessibility of Authority Spy is certainly its strong suit. Firstly, it is a very user-friendly program, and features like language-specific results can be extra helpful to businesses with niche audiences.

Influencers have been around long before the Internet. But now, it is simply a lot easier to reach out to them. It can be an intimidating challenge to reach out to influencers as it is. When you don’t even know who to reach out to, it can feel impossible.

That’s why I find Authority Spy to be such a useful tool for businesses of all sizes–we could all use a bit of help at times, and when many of us reach influencer status for ourselves, we will be happy to return the favor and support those who are up-and-coming.

With the help of Authority Spy, we can all get one step closer to that goal.

Build a Webinar Funnel in 7 Easy Steps

If you have a product that is in the $500-$2,000 range, and you are not doing webinars, you are literally leaving thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars, on the table. 

In this post, we are going to talk about what a webinar funnel is, how it works, what makes it different from a ‘normal’ front-end self-liquidating funnel, and go over the basics of how to create one in 7 quick and easy steps

We are also going to talk about how you can very easily add a webinar-portion to the back-end of your existing funnels, to make the process of marketing these higher-ticket products even easier!

Let’s dive in and get started! 

What Is A Webinar Funnel?

what is a webinar funnel

A webinar funnel is basically a sales funnel that uses a live video webinar as the lead magnet. 

In this live video webinar, you will provide a solution to your audience to help them solve a problem. 

But toward the end of the live video, you will transition into giving an offer for a semi-high-ticket product (in the $500-$2,000 price range) at a temporarily discounted price

A webinar funnel gives you the ability to ascend beyond your normal $37 or $97 funnel product offerings, to selling a higher-value product, thereby leveling-up your margins and greatly increasing your revenue

But… it must be done right if you want it to actually work. 

There are several steps to putting a webinar funnel together the right way, and it all starts with figuring out what product you plan to offer in your webinar

Let’s dive in. 

1… Identify Your Product And The Problem It Solves

identify your product

Webinars actually require quite a bit of effort to get right… because they involve you literally getting in front of a camera and interacting with the visitors who have registered for it. 

That means that you won’t want to offer products below that $500 mark in your webinar. The return for your effort likely just won’t be worth it. 

If your product is in a lower price category than that, you are probably going to find that sales letters and sales videos will be perfectly adequate. 

But, if you have a product that is priced between $500 and $2,000, then that is the product you’ll want to offer at the end of your webinar. 

This is a semi-high-ticket product with a much larger price tag… but you will offer it at a discounted rate for those who register and take part in your webinar. 

Why use a webinar to sell these higher-ticket products?

Because there is a certain magic involved in the live interaction that really helps to compel people to take action. A webinar is a lot more work, but it contains a lot more selling power than a sales video or sales letter. 

Structure Your Webinar To Deal With The Problem Your Product Solves

Since you’re going to be offering this higher-level product, you will want to structure your webinar to provide a solution to the particular problem that your product solves… keeping in mind that relevancy is a crucial component to your success

You want to… 

  • Deliver a ton of free value in your webinar
  • Then, at the end, give them an offer for your higher-ticket product that will absolutely super-speed or boost their ability to solve that same problem even more

So structure your webinar accordingly. Learn more in this video

If your product is a 6 part video course on “How To Grow Larger Biceps Fast,” you will want to structure your webinar like this… 

  • Offer a free webinar called “How To Naturally Build Larger Arm Muscles” or something similar
  • Talk for about 40 minutes about how to do exactly that. Offer a ton of value. 
  • At the end of your webinar, tell them that they should really buy your video course, because this will give them everything they need to know to absolutely blow the roof off their workouts, dieting, and everything related to building larger biceps FAST

Structuring the webinar and matching it with the perfect product offering is the best way to get a fantastic start on making your webinar funnel a success. 

2… Start Building Your Webinar Funnel 

The first thing that you’ll notice about the basic structure of the Webinar Funnel is that it is very, very similar to the self-liquidating Facebook ads funnel.

structure your webinar

Since you’re going to be offering this higher-level product, you will want to structure your webinar to provide a solution to the particular problem that your product solves… keeping in mind that relevancy is a crucial component to your success

You want to… 

  • Deliver a ton of free value in your webinar
  • Then, at the end, give them an offer for your higher-ticket product that will absolutely super-speed or boost their ability to solve that same problem even more

So structure your webinar accordingly. 

If your product is a 6 part video course on “How To Grow Larger Biceps Fast,” you will want to structure your webinar like this… 

  • Offer a free webinar called “How To Naturally Build Larger Arm Muscles” or something similar
  • Talk for about 40 minutes about how to do exactly that. Offer a ton of value. 
  • At the end of your webinar, tell them that they should really buy your video course, because this will give them everything they need to know to absolutely blow the roof off their workouts, dieting, and everything related to building larger biceps FAST

Structuring the webinar and matching it with the perfect product offering is the best way to get a fantastic start on making your webinar funnel a success. 

2… Start Building Your Webinar Funnel 

The first thing that you’ll notice about the basic structure of the Webinar Funnel is that it is very, very similar to the self-liquidating Facebook ads funnel. 

steps to create a webinar funnel

(It actually starts with traffic… but since you will want to build your funnel before you start sending traffic to it, we will talk more about traffic in step 6! For now, let’s talk about the general webinar funnel construction.)


So first, you will run traffic to a Registration Page. This registration page promotes the free webinar. 

It will include the exact time of the webinar, and it is going to tell them that they are about to learn the secret to solving their problem

It essentially works like this. People click on a Facebook ad, a direct email blast, or some other link… and are taken to your registration page. 

Here, they are offered a free webinar at a certain date in the future… and all they have to do to attend and be a part of it is give you their email address and register

That is how you get them to sign-up, and even if they don’t attend, you will still be signing them up for your email list, and getting them started with your autoresponder sequence

The conversion rates on these pages tend to be very good. You don’t really need a lead magnet, because you’re committing to showing up to do the free webinar… which they will gain access to once they register. 

You can literally use this registration page to generate leads, and in the back-end of the funnel, after your webinar, you will plug your product… but we will talk more about that in a moment. 

(Note: Clickfunnels is a really good system for building funnels fast, and they make it super simple They can even manage the order and delivery of your products. If I were just starting out to create my first webinar funnel, I would really recommend taking a look at their systems!) 

Building Your Email List

build your email list

When visitors sign up for the webinar, they get added to your email list. This is actually really important, and it makes the registration profitable for you even if they don’t actually end up attending the webinar

Why? Because now you can promote to them via email after the fact, and your autoresponder sequence can remind them of the webinar, give them more information, let them know why it’s important for them to attend, etc. 

Even if they never attend a webinar, though, you can still add them to your broadcast list. You can provide them with a ton of value, build up trust, show them what you do and how you can help them, and work toward the process of winning them over as regular customers/followers. 

This is how you build your tribe and nurture your following! 

Always Thank People When They Sign Up For Your Webinar

This should be a no-brainer… but always make sure to thank your visitors when they sign up for your webinar

Send them a friendly autoresponder email that not only gives them information about the event, but that also thanks them for participating!

If they didn’t participate, your webinar wouldn’t be much of a success! 

3… The Webinar

the webinar

The webinar itself is pretty simple. When you go live, you will want a headline at the top and your video-feed beneath that.

Oftentimes, there will also be some kind of ‘chat section’ where viewers can ask questions, and where you can share links. 

There will also be an ‘order now’ button located beneath your video, but that doesn’t show up right away. 

You’ll be doing a screen share, a talking-head style video, or maybe both… and you are going to deliver a ton of value

You’re going to talk with your audience and work with them on their problems. You will share some of your stories, and provide solutions… and will plan to wrap up the webinar in about 45 minutes

That’s a pretty decent length for most successful webinars. 

But as you reach the climax of your webinar, you will present them with a deeper-level product offering

You provided free solutions in your webinar… a ton of value. But if your viewers really want to jump-start their success and solve this problem fast, starting right now, they need to order your higher-ticket product… the temporarily discounted product in the $500-$2,000 price range. 

This is when an ‘Order Now’ button should pop up beneath your video feed. As an alternative to this, you could also refer them to a specific URL to show them where they need to go to make the purchase. 

What Platform Should You Run Your Webinar On?

what platform to run your webinar on

This is a great question! is one option, and they offer a free version… but it tends to be clunky and not super effective for a webinar format. is a platform built specifically for webinars, so that is an option that you can look at. is another platform specifically formulated for webinars. It could also potentially serve as a quality tool for running a successful webinar. 

You Will Need Help With Your Webinar

you will need help with your webinar

Most successful high-ticket webinars involve more than one person working behind the scenes. 

There is going to be the person ‘on camera,’ the ‘talent,’ or the ‘expert,’ so to speak… which will most likely be you!

But there should also be another person helping you behind-the-scenes. 

They will be answering questions in the chat-box, posting links for you, letting you know if really good questions are coming through so that you can address them, deflecting questions that won’t really help with communicating the value of the webinar, etc. 

Having the right help can turn a stressful, clunky webinar into a smooth-flowing event that everyone will reap huge value from… and that is exactly what you want! 

The Perfect Webinar ‘Script’ 

perfect webinar script

Another essential ingredient to a successful webinar is an awesome webinar ‘script.’ 

You can click here to access The Perfect Webinar Script, which is a giveaway by Russel Brunson. 

This guy has generated over 30 million dollars with this script, and it is absolutely the best you will find. 

What this script really does is it tells you how to transition from teaching your content to delivering your offer in a way that is psychologically sound, that will actually get people to take action and buy your product

And that is really the whole challenge with your webinar script. 

How you go about presenting your solution to the problem, and then transitioning into that offer… that is the ‘magic point’ where you will either make sales or lose your audience interest. 

So you want to have your script down, and you want to crush it on those conversions. 

Always Record Your Webinar!

always record your webinar

You will definitely want to record your webinar to make sure that you preserve all of that value for future projects. 

You may want to turn it into an evergreen funnel at some point in the future! 

We will talk more about that in a moment, though. 

For now, let’s talk about the Order Page. 

4… The Order Page

the order page

One great thing about a webinar funnel is that they tend to have a pretty high conversion rate

If you can get enough registrations, and get enough of those people to actually show up for your webinar, there is something really ‘magical’ about that one-on-one experience. 

Directly teaching your viewers, and sharing value via a live video interface is much more impactful than a sales video or sales letter… which will help you to convert visitors into paying customers at a higher rate than you might expect. 

Once they click on your link, or on the ‘order now’ button, they are taken to an ‘order page.’ 

This is where they will get a special offer for the product, at the special webinar-only price. 

This is usually a time-sensitive offer that is only going to be available for 12 to 24 hours after the webinar has been completed. 

This creates a sense of urgency, while also giving them the chance to get an awesome, one-time low price on a product that is usually priced a lot higher. 

Once they purchase the product, delivery is commenced pretty much immediately. 

5… Delivery


The delivery page is super simple. On this page, you basically just give them a button where they can download the product… and boom. You’re done. 

You can also include a ‘thank you’ here, where you let them know that you appreciate them choosing you as their solution to the problem. 

6… Traffic


One of the biggest challenges with a webinar is to get people to show up once they register. About 50 to 75 percent of people who sign up won’t show up. 

A good rule of thumb for getting enough people to attend is this… if you’re hoping to get 25 people at your webinar, make sure that you do enough marketing to get 100 registrations

How do you drive traffic to your registration page? Well, that’s an excellent question. 

Facebook is one of the best tools right now for driving targeted traffic to your landing/registration page. 

If you want to know how to maximize your Facebook ads to drive a ton of traffic to the front-end of your webinar funnel, then you really need to view this recorded webinar of Scott Moran, co-founder of the Facebook Ads Academy, talking about how his company gets over $10,000 in FREE traffic every single day from Facebook ads!

It might sound impossible, but it’s not! 

They’re essentially using a self-liquidating offer, which gives you the greatest bang for your buck right now if you want to crush it with funnel traffic and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars doing it! 

What is even better is that you can use a regular self-liquidating funnel to sell your webinar by offering your webinar on the back end of the funnel as an extra step. We will talk more about that, though, in a moment! 

7… Convert Your Webinar Funnel To An ‘Evergreen’ Format

convert to evergreen format

Webinar funnels are a time-sensitive thing because the lead magnet you are using is an actual live event

So what happens to all of that funnel construction once the webinar is over?

After the live version of the webinar is complete, you can still use the funnel with a recording of your webinar, and in doing so, convert the funnel into an ‘evergreen’ structure that can still bring huge amounts of value to your audience and convert for you, even months or years after the original live webinar took place. 

If you want to see a great webinar funnel in action that is not only totally automated but also evergreen, then check out this link to the Funnel Hacks Webinar

In this webinar, he goes over his take on the webinar funnel, which is brilliant! This guy is an absolute genius. He is one of the few people out there who you should really study if you’re interested in crushing it with webinar funnels! 

But if you visit that link, you’ll be able to see not only how webinar funnels work, but also how an awesome evergreen webinar funnel works. 

This is why you always need to record your webinars! 

You Can Also Make Your Webinar Funnel An Extension Of An Existing Funnel

an extension of existing funnel

If you are already running a simple or basic funnel, then a webinar can be a great back-end addition to what you are already doing.

To add your webinar as a back-end step to a current funnel, you would simply continue marketing to that funnel, but then invite your subscribers and your customers, via email, to join you when you plan to run your webinar

You still build your actual webinar funnel, and you still send them through the registration process. You also make sure to give them at least a week’s notice, to make sure that they will have time to register and put it on their calendar. 

But the point here is that you can use your existing email list to market your webinar as a back-end product for existing funnels… and this actually works really well! 

This tends to be highly profitable, because if these people are already subscribers/customers, then you will already have an established relationship with them

This also provides you with a very effective technique for ascending the $17, $27, or $97 product threshold you have already achieved with these customers, to leveling-up to that $500+ product threshold mark. 

If you use this method, and you just invite your subscribers to your webinars, then the process will actually look a lot like this. 

  1. You bring in traffic to the landing page/opt-in page of your funnel with your Facebook ads
  2. Those people opt-in and join your mailing list in exchange for the free lead-magnet you’re offering them
  3. Once a week, or once a month, etc. you hold a free webinar, and invite all of your subscribers/customers who are currently on your mailing list
  4. A certain number of them will register, a certain number of those will attend, and a certain number of attendees will buy your higher-ticket product after your webinar

With a basic self-liquidating funnel on the front end and a webinar funnel marketed to subscribers on the back-end, you have the best of both worlds. 

Your other, smaller offers are liquidating your ad spend at the front end as you collect email subscribers, who you then invite to webinars and market your higher-ticket products to on the back end

And that is how multiple six-figure businesses are created and launched online! 

Don’t Forget To Focus On Bringing Tremendous Value In Your Webinar

bring value in your webinar

It may be tempting to fill your webinar with a ton of sales pitches… but that is most definitely not the way to approach it. 

You want your webinar to be full of value, and to deliver solutions to a real problem that your audience is having

As a general rule of thumb, you want to deliver so much value that you are actually solving the problem for them without requiring them to pay for it!

And then, when you bring in your product… you are offering a solution that simply goes above and beyond the free, awesome value you’ve already given them. 

If customers don’t buy from you, they should still be walking away from the webinar with undeniable value and helpful solutions

And if they buy from you, they should be walking away from your webinar equipped with the most cutting-edge product in the niche, which will help to super-accelerate the speed and results of their solution. 

That is how you create dynamic webinars that will keep bringing people into your tribe and building up trust, again and again. 

And don’t forget… even if someone doesn’t buy, you can still market to them after the fact via email. 


Hopefully, this post has given you everything you need to know to get started on your own webinar funnel

It isn’t rocket science. But there is an art to doing it the right way. 

And the formula for success is simply to get started and do it yourself

Your first webinar may not go smoothly, but that’s ok. 

You can learn a lot from the experience of doing… and if you are interested in seriously increasing the amount of money you can make through your funnels, I would absolutely recommend that you give the webinar funnel a try. 

Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, and keep the conversation going. I always like to try to help as much as possible! 

In the meantime, cheers, and good luck! 

Funnel Stacking – 3 Sales Funnels That Make Millions

What is the secret to generating multiple millions of dollars online?

If you’ve never heard of funnel stacking before, it’s about time you do…

This is THE way to gradually and steadily move your way up the income generation ladder. 

From making a couple of dollars a day to cashing in thousands of dollars per month

That’s the lifestyle design business you want to have. A profitable business that allows you to pay your mortgages, build your retirement account, and create a valuable income stream.

The big question is, how do you get to that point? How do you create the kind of business that generates that much cash per month, per year, consistently?

Well, that’s why you’re here!

You are going to learn what funnel stacking is, what those proven funnels stacked together are, what their jobs are…

And basically how and why these funnels are interrelated together.

Once you get the basics down, you’ll learn about what’s required for you to create a funnel or a series of funnels that can generate a whopping Millions. Of dollars. PER YEAR.


Let’s cut the intro and jump right in!

What is Funnel Stacking?

what is funnel stacking

Funnel stacking, in its simplest form, is the idea that every prospect who comes into our world goes through a specific series of funnels in a specific order.

Take note of the word “specific.”

For me, my million dollar online business is made up of three funnels. 

They go through the first funnel, the second funnel, then the third. 

These funnels are in that particular order and are stacked on top of each other. 

It’s a funnel within a funnel concept, but each has its own specific job and purpose.

Prefer to watch, rather than read? Here’s my funnel stacking video for you:]

Enter into a deep dive on these funnel types down below…

Three Types of Funnels

three types of funnels

Ultimately, your funnels are set in place to usher in high-ticket customers toward your business.

There are customers who are just happy buying your basic, cheapest products… and there are those who are willing to invest in themselves and purchase the most expensive products you have on the shelf.

High-paying or not, they all contribute to your business, and your funnels will determine which is which, as these customers go through funnel after funnel after funnel.

#1 – One-Time-Offer / The Self-Liquidating Funnel

one time offer

The first funnel serves the basic purpose of turning a new visitor, a lead, or someone who has never purchased before into a buyer. 

That’s a very straightforward job.

You have someone go to your funnel, and the first goal is to have them opt-in to your email list on your landing page. But then, they will be shown a one-time-offer, and the goal of this special discounted product offer is to turn that person into a paying customer right off the bat.

How do you do this? How do you get your funnel to make this happen?

Three Things That Must Take Place In Your OTO Funnel

  1. Someone opts in 
  2. They receive an extremely special offer (a one-time-offer) after they opt-in
  3. After they purchase, they get offered a second product… a one-click-upsell

So it’s an opt in, one-time offer, and one-click upsell. That’s what your OTO funnel does.

A 1-page funnel is the fastest way to get this funnel launched!

You want to create new customers, but here’s the game changer. There’s a self-liquidating component to this funnel. 

What this means is that you’re liquidating your ad expense, and getting free leads and new customers every day! 

The ideology of this first funnel is to churn the same thousand dollars back into Facebook ads and keep it going for as long as possible. That $1,000 you put in today will generate $1,000 at the end of the day, so you can put it back into your ads tomorrow.

Rinse and repeat.

It’s THAT simple, but the result is a growing customer list and a very large, expanding prospect list. 

But you can’t skip this part. You can’t go STRAIGHT to a self liquidating funnel. First, you have to…

Test and Monitor

test and monitor

There are two very crucial components to this first funnel; testing your offers, and monitoring your conversion rate.

You’ve got to be constantly A/B split testing your offer, whether it’s a low $7 product… all the way up to a $97 product. 

Right now, I’m running an offer on a $27 product, but I’m always testing new products and new price points in that area. 

It also doesn’t end with testing. 

How Are Your Earnings Per Click (EPC) Doing?

Are you reaching your whole goal of breaking even and liquidating your expenses?

Remember, this first funnel is not designed to make money off of the front end. That is why you must funnel stack

Liquidate your expenses and break even to keep putting that revenue back into your ad expense. That’s how you get this funnel going to help you generate your customer list.

You Will Have Super Ambitious Hungry Customers

ambitious customers

One of the biggest reasons for why you have multiple funnels is because you simply have different types of customers. 

There are ‘more casual’ customers who may spend a little bit of money… and then there are incredibly ambitious, hungry customers who will buy everything you put out… as long as it continues to help them! 

There are also customers who want guidance at every step of the journey… and these are prime candidates for your membership offer. 

So first, you have your Facebook ads bringing customers to your landing page to opt-in. Then they go through your one-time-offer funnel. 

But then, you start them down your high ticket funnel, which will appeal even more to a certain type of customer. And then, your membership funnel… that will appeal to a certain type of customer, etc. 

It’s really a system that will separate your customers for you, showing them the products that will be best for what they are actually looking for as they continue through the segments. 

At the end of the day, it is about guiding your customers to what can help them the most. 

It isn’t about pushing sales or products. It is about offering help, guidance, and real, measurable value. 

High Ticket Funnel

high ticket funnel

This is where things get more exciting, let’s make money from these new customers and leads.

A lot of internet marketing spaces have high ticket products that go up to a 5, or even 6-figure price tag. But in our niche and funnels, they’re mostly in the $250 – $600 range.

Depending on your niche, you need to be able to create a product that will cater to your most ambitious customer segments. 

These are your audience members who want everything. They want to have a competitive advantage over everyone else, so they are willing to invest in further education, advanced training courses, and basically the best of the best that you can offer.

Your high ticket funnel is where fun things happen, because you’re not just breaking even and liquidating your expenses.

You are actually cashing in a decent amount of money from your expensive product offering. 

High Ticket Funnels Require High-Ticket Problems!

Instead of offering a basic $27 product, you have a high-ticket $600 product being offered to your customers who want to learn more, do more, and be more than the average Joe or Jane in your niche.

But also remember that you can’t sell a $700 product unless you are solving a $700 problem! The bigger and more expensive the problem is, the more people will be willing to pay. 

That is the difference in how you define price-points. If you try to solve a $20 problem with a $300 product, you’re not going to have a lot of luck! 

This second funnel generally involves a smaller conversion rate. But since it’s got more money in it and more profit in it, it really changes the numbers.

How Does This Funnel Fit In?

Say you’ve got hundreds of people purchasing from your front-end landing page funnel. All that money goes back into the ads and the cycle continues. 

But on the high ticket funnel, worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, even if only a few people purchase out of it, that can be the difference between making a meager $0 profit per day and a big $$$ profit per day.

That’s a game changer! 

And again, each of those two funnels have their own purpose, so you can’t really say funnel A is better than funnel B. 

From a profit perspective, it’s obvious that you bring-in more cash from a high ticket funnel… but your OTO funnel is the funnel that grows (and continues to grow) your list. 

That’s why it’s called funnel stacking – you need different funnels stacked against each other and performing their jobs of generating you a multi-million dollar lifestyle digital marketing business!

Membership Funnel

membership funnel

Now here’s where the magic happens.

Your membership funnel is designed to create both recurring income, and high ticket income at the same time. 

Let’s say you offer an annual upsell that generates $37 per month, per customer. Well, in a membership funnel, you can also easily profit about $200 annually per customer for those who sign up. 

Our membership funnel has been around for quite a few years now, so I’m not a stranger to this space at all.

My wife Melanie and I have been on this publishing schedule for these members for about 5 or 6 years, so the workload for us is the same. But the more members we bring on, the more revenue we are able to get.

And we’re talking about long-term revenue here.

This is consistent revenue. And what’s great about the residual or recurring income model is that it is the kind of revenue that you could pay down debt with. It is also the kind of revenue that could let you keep and maintain the kind of lifestyle you’ve got (or want) for as long as you want it.

The Benefits Of A Membership Funnel

And as long as you keep this membership funnel going, and you’re putting in some work to keep your recurring customers happy, everything runs on auto-pilot

You’re pretty much done at this point, living a comfortable life, not worrying where to get the money to pay your mortgages next month. 

That is the sweet life everybody dreams of. 

This membership funnel runs up slowly, but it is also steadily growing.

The key here is a compounding revenue stream.

So if you have a hundred people on the first month, then it gets to a couple thousand or so members the next, multiply that by $37… Boom. You’ve got a six-figure recurring revenue going.

Not bad at all.

And that’s a crazy, massive goal to be after.

How to Keep Your Membership Funnel Going… To Infinity, And Beyond!

how to keep membership funnel going

The question is, what are your members willing to invest in on a monthly basis?

As a membership site owner, you need to determine ways to reduce the churn. How do you keep people on your membership program for as long as possible? 

What do you need to deliver, and how will you deliver it?

People get bored easily. They want to learn something new. They want you to take them from point A, to point B, to points X, Y, and Z. 

And that, my friend, is what you have to continue to strive for. 

You need to keep producing fresh, relevant, valuable pieces of content that your members are hungry for. 

You also need to create content that they will be willing to pay you for.

Give them their money’s worth

How will you keep your members engaged, and what kind of engagement do they need to stick around for long periods of time?

Your answer to these questions, and the action steps you take, can really boost your customer lifetime value. 

The revenue you get from this third funnel is consistent, and you can count on it… versus having a funnel where you do one launch after the next to liquidate income. 

A Little Snippet Of My Membership Funnel Story…

We’ve had some members who have been with us for many, many years. 

They’ve always loved the content we put out. They love the interaction they get with Melanie, and it creates a really positive experience that keeps them coming back and staying with us for years.

And this group of members are able to help us create a highly valuable income stream as we keep helping them achieve their goals and desires. We do this by consistently providing them the answers to their why’s… over and over and over.

The same goes with my Content and Conversion membership. 

It allows me to not need to think about monetizing my YouTube videos, and I get to really go deeper with individuals to help them grow their businesses beyond what they’re able to consume in the one-way kind of broadcast that my videos offer.

My membership program creates more of a dialogue, a one-on-one engagement with members to help them apply what they learn in whatever space or niche they are in.

The more I give them what they need, the more they’re happy with where their money is going.

They’re willing to invest in their membership for as long as possible, because their needs are constantly met. And the revenue stream keeps going and going.

It’s a win-win!

How to Create Your Very Own Funnel Series and Make $$$

how to create your funnel series

Ready to take what you’ve learned to the next level?

That’s always the point behind my blog posts – to have you creating something profitable out of what you’ve learned.

This whole funnel stacking idea is pretty simple, and you can definitely get your funnel series going to start making millions of dollars from your online business!

Ultimately, it starts with a lead magnet… a free thing that you give away in exchange for their email address. The point of the self-liquidating funnel, which is the first part of your funnel stack, is not to turn a profit… but to help you break even on your ad spend. 

And how do you do that? You create a OTO and an upsell. 

What Is Your Free Thing Going To Be?

what is your free thing

You can watch my YouTube video on creating an online course to help you with the process of figuring out how to put this together… but essentially, you start with some kind of free product that you can give away to people in exchange for their email address

This could be… 

  • An ebook
  • A free course
  • A video series
  • An MP3 of a masterclass training
  • An instructional course-book on how to do a certain thing
  • Etc. 

The point is that it is something you can offer that is cheap or free for you to produce, that will be easy to deliver, that will actually create value for your audience. 

(For example, you can watch my video on how to create an awesome online course, and offer the first segment of it as a lead-magnet, or ‘free thing.’)

And from there, you build out to your One-Time-Offer page, then your one-click-upsell. Then, you can also work in your high-ticket funnel, and your membership funnel to create a funnel stack that will absolutely crush it, all while helping your audience at the same time. 

But You Have To Split Test

I cannot overstate the importance of split-testing your funnel. 

You should be A/B split testing every single part of your funnel to get it functioning as well as possible

You never know what is going to work until you test it!


Funnel stacking is a lot of fun once you have the whole system all set up, and the moving bits and pieces are heading in the desired direction.

Each funnel is designed to do different things, so you have to work with them differently.

It’s kind of like the idea that each of these are specialty tools within your toolbox.

You don’t want to necessarily use an all-in-one tool to build a house. 

You will need a framing hammer, you need a chop saw… There are the right tools for the right job. 

And that’s how funnel stacking works. Three funnels with specific purposes and specific jobs. But when they are stacked on top of each other, they create a successful online business for years and years to come!

You can get all three of those into one funnel, and that is how you create a multi-million dollar business! 

It is not an overnight success, and it actually took me 5 or 6 years to get all the bits and pieces of these working.

But once they work, they can create some insane long-term revenue with minimal amounts of input from you.

So go forth, and start publishing and testing. You just have to take that first step. As always, I love to hear from you and how your journey is going, so drop me a line in the comments. 


Build Affiliate Marketing Funnels with Clickfunnels Fast

Affiliate marketing is definitely a lucrative way to make money online.

If you don’t have your own product to sell (at least, not yet), then affiliate marketing is a quicker and easier route to take to make money online. 

Once you have your affiliate funnel in place, you can get the ball rolling and start earning money on your commissions. 

Don’t know how to start? No worries…

Today, you’ll learn how to set up an affiliate marketing funnel in minutes with Clickfunnels that’s so simple, anyone can do it! 

Plus, it will help you get more opt-ins and sales… which is what you’ll need to build your email list and earn enough cash to fund your Facebook ads

This is going to be a right-over-my-shoulder, walk-through, step-by-step guide on how to create your funnel using Clickfunnels. 

Everything you’ll see here is as thorough as it can get, so you have no excuses! 

So let’s get your hands dirty and jump right in.

Create A Free Aweber Account And Start Your Email List

The first step to this process is to set up your email list. 

This is crucially important! 

Why? Because the main point of this funnel will be to build up your email list so that you can build up trust with your list members and direct-market to them later

So the first step is to actually sign up for Aweber and create your email list. 

Then, you will want to follow the steps outlined below to link that list to your funnel. 

Here’s how it works. 

Create Your Email List

1. Go to Aweber and set up your email list.

2. Go to “Manage List,” then click “Create a List.”

create a listt

3. Set up a list. For this example, I will put “Diabetes Cure” as the name of my new list.

4. Fill in the required information:

  • Company name
  • Website
  • Mailing address

You need to have an actual email address for this, so put in your real email. 

Real Name or Some Cool Alias?

When creating a list, you should use your actual name. You don’t want to use email@ or info@.


Because it gets worse deliverability than a real person’s name. You also want the email to match the domain you entered in the form. 

Add a Description to Your List

Very important reminder – people on your list can see this when they unsubscribe.

So you don’t want to put words like, “prospects who didn’t buy” or something similar, because it might offend them.

A safe thing to write for this page is a simple, vague description, such as “email list for the Diabetes Cure.”  

Then you click the “Next” button, which will take you to the “Approve Your Confirmation Message” page. 

Create a Confirmation Message

create a confirmation message

Next, you need to set up a confirmation message for your email list. This is basically an email sent to new subscribers when they join your list. 

It essentially asks their permission to receive emails from you. 

There is also a drop-down menu, which says “Choose a pre-approved subject (recommended).” 

When you open up the drop-down menu, it will look like this…

choose a pre-approved subject

In this example, I went ahead and chose the option “Response Required: Please confirm your request for information.” 

Next, you will see the “Confirmation Message Body” section, located below the drop-down menu you just opened. You can click “Edit” on this section to type in your own Confirmation Message.

confirmation message body

There’s a pre-made sample confirmation on Aweber but…

 I would tweak that and put something like:

“Thanks for your interest in the video because that’s what we’re going to be giving away all through our offer. Please confirm by clicking the link below. I can send you a copy of the video and the other tips and tricks I have, etc…”.

custom subject line

Better than a one-liner for sure!

Feel free to copy my example and add something more specific for your product. 

Once you’re happy with what you put on there, hit the “Approve Message & Create List” button and BOOM. You have your list all set up.

How to Create a Basic Signup Form

Next up, you need to get your signup form up and running. 

1. On your Aweber dashboard, click “Sign-up Forms.”  Once you get there, click “Create Your First Signup Form.”  

You will want to make sure that the correct “Current List” is chosen when you do this. You can see that right above the “Sign Up Forms” menu tab button. 

sign up forms

The next screen you come to will be the “Design” page. 

But for now, you can just let this be super-basic… so scroll down to the bottom of this page, and then click “Save Your Form.” 

save your form

Then, after the screen loads, scroll back down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Go To Step 2” button. 

settings page

This will take you to the “Settings” section. 

2. On the settings page, enter your list name. Mine, in this example, was “Diabetes Cure.”

Now, there is a section on this page called the “Thank You Page” section. You can see it here.

You will need to go back to the “Thank You Page” section and add the proper Thank You Page URL from Clickfunnels once you get it. But for now, you can move on. 

3. Save the form, and you’re done. Your signup form is ready!

Create Killer Copy that Sells!

The best way to get sales and opt-ins is to grab audience attention with killer sales copy.

But you don’t have to create this from scratch. 

Here’s my smart hack on how to get great copy literally in seconds that you’ll use within your affiliate funnel. 

Get Your Copy on Clickbank 

The next website that you will need to visit is ClickBank. 

You will want to go to ClickBank at this point because you will want to grab the sales copy that you’ll be using within your funnel. 

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to do that. 

1. Go to clickbank. You will need to create an account of course. But once you do that, you will want to go to the “Affiliate Marketplace.” 

go to clickbank

Once within this marketplace, you can start to search for a product that you’d want to promote for your niche.

clickbank marketplace

2. Click on the product that you would like to promote.

look for the product you want to promote

Quick Tip on How to Find Great Copy

Choose a product with a compelling story that really pulls people in. 

Once you’ve found the right one, check to see if it’s got a video or a text narrative. You’re better off with a text copy, so you can easily grab it and use it for your opt-in page. 

If a particular product doesn’t have any text and/or video, you would need to create those yourself… because you will really want to have both to make this funnel work. 

So keep that in mind as you search for products. 

3. Copy the hook or the big idea. You will use this to really grab attention on the front-end of your funnel. 

copy the hook

4. Paste the hook into a notepad and rework it. Capitalize the first letter of each word since this will be your headline.

paste the hook into a notepad

I cleaned up that copy and tweaked it, so it reads better:

“A Free Video Reveals The Pancreas Jumpstart Solution”

And for the subtitles, we’ve got, “Learn how you’ll be able to reverse your type two diabetes, sharply reducing or even eliminating your need for medication.”

Now, keep in mind that the reason for why you are taking and using this copy is because… 

  1. You want awesome copy with a compelling headline
  2. You want text copy, not just a video (ideally we want a product that has both, so you won’t have to be responsible for creating one or both of them)
  3. You want to use this headline that you’ve created to grab audience attention, hopefully getting them to click on it
  4. This copy is extremely relevant to your product already, so it serves as a great starting point

We’ll go back to this copy in a bit, so don’t lose that notepad!

Get Your Free Clickfunnels Account Up and Running

If you’re already a Clickfunnels person, cool, if not, here’s a step by step to get you all setup fast and easy!

Full Disclosure: 

I personally use Aweber and Clickfunnels, and I’m showing you exactly how to use them because these are great services. I’m also an affiliate for both of these services, so I do receive compensation when you click on one and sign up for it through the links on my post. If you use one or both of them, awesome. If not, no worries!

How to Get Started on Clickfunnels

1. Go to Clickfunnels and set up an account. 

2. Once you are all set up, go to your dashboard and click “Funnels” on the main tab menu to go to that page… then click the “Add New Funnel” button. 

add new funnel

3. The next box that pops up will ask you what kind of funnel you want to create. You will want to click whichever is appropriate for you… but for my funnel, I wanted the “Collect Emails” option, so that is what I clicked. 

collect emails

4. Name your new funnel.

name your new funnel

You may have to wait a moment or two for this step to complete. 

What clickfunnels is doing is setting up the different pages within the funnel and linking them together in series. 

Since this all gets done for you within Clickfunnels, you really only have to play with the text, the copy, and the look of your funnel. 

There really is no simpler system than Clickfunnels. It is just super, super simple to set up a funnel with it that is not only beautiful, but that really works. 

When getting ready to set up your own Clickfunnels affiliate funnel, you will have two vital steps to go through… creating the Opt-in page, and creating the Thank You page. 

Let’s take a look at this process. 

Create Your Opt-in Page

As soon as you get to this part of the process, you will see a bunch of templates to choose from. 

You will need to choose one of them. 

choose a template

You can preview the templates, or you can select them. Once you select one, Clickfunnels will automatically create that page for you and add it to your funnel. 

Two Crucial Things You Should Not Skip Doing on Clickfunnels

You do need to know a couple of things when setting up your opt-in page and Thank You page on Clickfunnels.

One, you need to set up your domain on the settings page. 

set up your domain

And two, under the “path” section, you need to type in “free video,” or whatever you feel that the best ‘path’ would be. There will already be something here, but it’s usually a good idea to change it. 

type free video

And of course, Save And Update Settings before moving on.

save and update settings

When you become a Clickfunnels user, you’ll want to be sure that you connect your actual domain name here. It’s really easy to do and they have it in the Support to help you out if you get stuck.

Lastly, set the URL level for the entire opt-in sequence, so you can create split tests. You really have to be split testing the correct way to make sure you’re funnel is doing as well as possible.

Check out my video on how to set up a split test on Clickfunnels down below:

To finish setting up your Opt-in page, go to “Funnel Step Settings.”

funnel step settings

Then, fill out the PATH section with something relevant to your video…

And then, fill in the FUNNEL STEP NAME. I chose to leave it on “Optin.” Then, click “Update Funnel Step” to finish this step. 

This will be important when you get to the point where you will want to create split tests.

update funnel step

What you just created was the sub-URL for one variation of your page. When you create another variation with a different sub-URL, you will be able to split test them by having traffic from your main URL equally distributed between the two. 

That is a super-easy thing to set up in Clickfunnels, and it is very important to make use of it so that you can figure out which version of your page performs better! 

Edit Your Opt-In Page

To start editing your opt-in page, click on the “Edit Page” button located at the bottom of the funnel-creation screen you’re currently in. 

edit optin page

Modify your opt-in page on the editor page.

modify your optin page

Notice the three levels within the editor when you hover over the elements on the page:

  • Teal green is the outermost container. Don’t delete it or everything will be wiped out!
  • The blue box is the next interior component.
  • The gold or orange portion is a section or element where the title, subtitle, and all the other details are found.

You can modify all of these, duplicate them, and change the settings as you wish.

Say there’s a bunch of head room that makes your page look kind of awkward. When you click “Settings,” you can make tweaks to the padding and fix it.

make tweaks to the padding


Play around with the settings section a bit, and add in that copy you created/modded earlier (that is still in your text doc…) and… Viola! You have your #baller opt-in page done!

play around with the settings

Link Your Opt-In Page to Your Aweber Account

Tying this opt-in page into Aweber is actually pretty simple at this point, and can be done while you are still editing your opt-in page. 

On the right-hand side of the screen, click “Email.”

click email

Click “Integration To Use” and select “Aweber” from the drop down menu.

How to Link the Right Way

Here are the rest of the details I would want to input for my list:

  • Integration: Aweber
  • Action: Integrate Existing Form
  • List to Add: Diabetes Cure

If you don’t see the right list to add quite yet, don’t worry! It can take up to an hour for their API to update. 

So if it doesn’t show up, give it some time and check it again. 

Once your list shows up, simply select that, and it should say “Connected.”

At this point, anytime someone submits their email address, it puts them on that list and it sends them the followup opt-in confirmation email from Aweber.

So just click “save” and you’re done!

How to Create and Edit Your Thank You Page

To get to the ‘Thank You’ page and edit it, you need to back-out of the Opt-In editing page by clicking the little ‘back arrow’ located on the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen. 

Your Thank You page is the first thing your leads will see after signing up through your opt-in page. 

So you have to make it the best it can possibly be, and personalize it to your audience.

Create a Thank You Page

1. On your Clickfunnel dashboard, click “Thank You.” 

create a thank you page

2. Choose a simple download page that will match your opt-in page.

choose a simple download

3. As you will notice, the URL it will try to give you will be a bit goofy… so you will want to change this. 

Click the little “Settings” wheel on the left side of the URL bar, and then fill in the “Path” section. Type in something better and more personal, like… “thank-you-here-is-your-video.”

fill in the path section

4. Next, click on “Update Funnel Step” to get your new URL. It will show up on the next page, in the URL bar sitting in the center of the screen. 

5. Check to make sure that the URL takes you to the Thank You page by copy-and-pasting it into your browser’s URL bar, and then hit enter.

thank you page copy

6. Now that you know that this thank-you page URL works, go back to Aweber. 

In the “Thank You Page” section, select “Custom Page” from the drop-down menu.

custom page

…and paste the URL into the space located directly under the “Thank You Page…”

paste the URL
paste the URL

Then, click on the drop-down menu titled “Already Subscribed Page,” and select “Custom Page.”

custom page

…and then paste it again beneath the “Already Subscribed Page” section.

already subscribed page

Then click “Save Your Form”.

Now you have your email set up… but let’s move on to finish editing the “Thank You” page. 

How to Edit Your Thank You Page

Once your Thank You page is setup, the next step is to spruce it up and make sure it communicates your message clearly.

To do this, go back to your Clickfunnels dashboard. Make sure that “Thank You” is clicked on the left side, and then scroll down and click on “Edit Page.” This will take you to your Thank You Page editor. 

go back to the clickfunnels dashboard

A video is always a great and powerful tool to deliver your message, so your audience will know exactly what to do next.

1. Create a personalized video on your Thank You page. 

create a personalized video

Here’s a sample script for your video. You will want it to say something like this… 

“Hey, thank you for your interest in this free video. I’m really excited to share this information with you. But really quick, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Miles Beckler, and (boom… here, enter your own personal story…) my father has type two diabetes. He tried everything, and it wasn’t until he learned about this secret that he was able to really manage, and even reverse his type two diabetes…

I’m excited to share with you through the video that we’re going to get to next. But I also wanted to introduce myself because I’m also going to share some other emails that are going to help you understand what you can do to better your health, to improve your situation, and to live a happier, longer, healthier life while managing your diabetes naturally…

So click the button below and watch the video now!”

This is just a quick example, but it is the basis for what kind of message you will want to deliver in your video. 

And to add your video, once it is created, you will want to follow these steps… 

2. Click the “+” button and double click “video” to add  your video. 

add your video

After you add the video player to the page, embedding your video is easy. You just click on the “Elements” button to the right-hand side of the screen, and a Video Embed section where you can input the YouTube URL of your video. 

embed the video

3. Video successfully embedded! 3. Video successfully embedded!

successful embedding of the video

4. Next, you will want to add and customize the text on your Thank You page as well. This can be done using the easy Clickfunnels editor, exactly like you did it on the Opt-In page.

Now You’re Ready to Promote Your Product

With all the moving pieces created – your Opt-In page, your Thank You page, and your email list all setup, it’s time to take the next step… Promote your stuff!

Get Your Affiliate Code

1. Go back to clickbank and look for the product you’re promoting.

2. Click “promote.” You’ll see a pop up account nickname. Enter the details (nickname and tracking ID).

I would put MilesB for the account nickname (because it’s my name, LOL) and CF for the tracking ID. This way, when I make sales, I know the sales came from clickfunnels.

enter detailst

3. Once you’ve entered those details, click “create.”

4. You’ll receive your Hoplink HTML code, and you should add this to your web page.

add your hoplink HTML code to your web page

5. Go back to your Thank You page editor. In the “elements” section, you’ll find a section called  “URL/Action”. Paste in your HopLink code and click “save.”

paste in your hoplink code and save

And there you have it – you’ve got your rocking opt-in page that’s all tied up with your Aweber!

Preview your pages to see if everything looks good and not glitchy, and with all these things said and done, there’s your affiliate funnel… done in minutes!

Just make sure that you actually test your funnel to make sure that it is working properly. You do not want to set up a funnel, look quickly at the preview, and then move on… only to fail to realize that there was something ‘broken’ going on with it! 

So test your funnels… every time you create a new one, and every time you make any sort of change! 

Turn Off ‘Confirmed Opt-In’ 

As a default setting, Aweber will have it to where people will need to ‘confirm’ that they want to receive your email before actually becoming subscribers. 

You can either leave it like this or turn it off, but I actually am of the mind that you want to turn this off… and I will show you how to do that. 

My reasoning for this is pretty simple. This funnel is not really designed to make you money on the front end, right? At least, not at first. It is really designed to help you sell enough to cover your ad spend and break even on costs.  

The main purpose of this funnel is to build up your email list. 

And in order to do that most effectively, you will want to make sure that as many people as possible are receiving your follow-up email sequence (this is called the autoresponder sequence).

So, just to reiterate… 

“The goal is to break even, or to be cash-flow positive on the front-end, and the result is to obtain a massive email list.” 

And once you build up your email list, and you start broadcasting and building up trust with your list, then you can start marketing to them directly via email… and that is insanely powerful

That is where you will actually earn money with your funnel. That is the golden ticket! 

So let’s talk about how to turn off the ‘confirmation opt-in’ in Aweber. 

How To Turn Off ‘Confirmed Opt-In’ In Aweber

Step 1. From the Aweber dashboard, click on “List Options” on the toolbar, and go down in the drop-down menu to “List Settings.” 

list options

Step 2. Once this settings page opens up, head down to the “Confirmed Opt-In” button and click it. 

confirmed optin

Step 3. Once you are taken to the Confirmed Opt-In Settings page, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a button labeled “Send a confirmed opt-in email for Web Forms.”

send a confirmed optin email for web forms

Step 4. Click this button to turn it off. Next, a dialogue box will pop up. It will look like this.

send a confirmed optin email for web forms

Once you confirm this choice in the dialogue box, the button will display as “Off,” meaning that you have disabled this setting. 

send a confirmed optin email for web forms

Go Forth and Spread the Word

You have your social buttons down below your opt-in page, and you would want visitors to share this page with their friends.

Your primary source of traffic here will likely be Facebook ads… but your funnel should liquidate your ad spend and help you to build your list while breaking even on costs. 

And that, my friend, is how you can keep the list growing, and your sales coming in.

Say you generate a 75% commission on the product we used as an example for this post, which is something like $35… Not bad, right?

Of course, commissions vary by product and niche… but the point here is that you can now drive traffic to this funnel, get opt-ins when people sign up for the free video, and even make money when people purchase the product! 

It simply could not be any easier! 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this step-by-step walk-through of how to build an affiliate marketing funnel in Clickfunnels. 

I also hope that it has been super-helpful to you! 

If you have any other questions about these steps, please go ahead and leave a comment below. I love to hear from you and answer questions, and am always stoked to keep the conversation going! 

Thank you very much for your time! I do appreciate it very much. 

Get out there and crush it, everyone! 

I will see you on the next one! 

Our Mobilize Revolution Review – Pros & Cons

Have you ever wondered how to build an app for your business or someone else’s, and then remembered… you in no way have the skills for it?

Well, it might be easier than you once imagined if you have the right training on your side.

The rise of technology has meant new skill sets are needed to succeed in the business world. Whereas once friendly service, great organization and an in-depth understanding of your niche was sufficient to break even, in 2019 you really do need more tech-oriented skills to get by.

This can be daunting, especially if you were raised before a time where coding bootcamps were popular, and social media courses were included in every business degree.

If you want to learn how to make money off building your own apps (or simply to create one for your business), but don’t want to sit in a bootcamp with entrepreneurs half your age, Mobilize Revolution might be what you need.

Through their multi-module distance course, they promise business owners great results and the ability to create profitable apps overnight–but can they deliver on this? 

My honest review here will look at the 7 weakest and strongest aspects of their unique training program, and how you can get started on your app building career.

1. Letting You Do It Yourself

DIY projects are not just for home improvement anymore.

If you have ever considered creating mobile applications for your business, you’ve probably thought about how expensive it would be to pass the project off to app developers.

With the right work ethic and straightforward training, you could save time and money, and maintain a much higher degree of creative control by creating your own apps.

If you get the hang of it, you might even decide that app creation could be a lucrative side business.

2. Beginner-Friendly

beginner friendly

The best thing about Mobilize Revolution is that it is catered to individuals with very little development experience.

Even if you have found it tough to, say, update your WordPress site, Mobilize Revolution goes slow enough and uses simple, easy-to-understand language, making it easier to retain everything.

3. How To Start An App: Breaking It Down

Mobilize Revolution is not a company that will make apps for you. They are a company that will teach you how to start an app by yourself.

Their training program is completely virtual, meaning your location will not restrict you from learning. There are multiple lessons involved in their program, each one breaking down another element of app development into easily understood formulas.

App development will always be a bit tricky, but I found Mobilize Revolution to be a very effective, beginner-oriented teaching tool.

4. A Profit-Focused Training Program

profit focused training program

If you are looking for a new hobby, this program might not be for you. They are very transparent about their goals: to turn app development into a very lucrative niche.

At every step of the way, they will help you discover how to profit from the skills you are learning. If you are hoping that app development will be a cash cow for you, you’re getting educated by the right people.

5. Expert Advice

expert advice

Mobilize Revolution does not just feature training from app development experts–your instructors will also be successful in the field of business.

When it comes to online courses, the quality of instruction can be iffy. However, I found the instruction offered to be both engaging and professional, making it all the easier to learn.

6. Niche Interests Over Well-Rounded Learning

One of the biggest cons associated with this program is that is very small in terms of scope: you will learn app development, and app development alone.

If you are interested in web development or other skills related to coding, you may want to consider pursuing a different program.

However, some customers might actually find this a plus. If creating apps for your business is your only priority, taking a more generalized course will probably just mean sifting through entire lessons that aren’t relevant to your goals.

In that sense, this course saves time by forgoing what’s not completely necessary.

7. Selling Mobile Websites To Clients

It’s obviously useful to know how to create apps and mobile sites for your own business. But Mobilize Revolution doesn’t want you to stop there. On the contrary, their program will help you create mobile sites for other businesses in a matter of minutes.

You won’t need a complex understanding of code to create visually stunning mobile sites, but most business owners don’t know this. With Mobilize Revolution, you can take advantage of this fact, and create a lucrative business without any extensive time commitment.

8. A Time Commitment

time commitment

This training program is not right for customers unwilling or unable to commit at least an hour a day to learning for a few weeks.

If you are struggling with the material, or just want to perfect your craft, the reality is that you might need to commit more of your time to learning.

This is completely fine, however, it might not be flexible for people who have busy or unpredictable schedules.

Ultimately, if you have no previous coding experience, you will want to work on this program every single day, weekends included. The reality is that, if you step away from the program for a while, the chances are high that you will struggle to retain all of the information you are being given.

If you are in a good place to learn, Mobilize Revolution is actually more flexible than a traditional in-person course, and you can choose where and when you want to learn.

Pricing Models

This program has a money-back guarantee, something that is not always promised for training programs.

The course is typically just under $300, but the program offers lots of deals, including a timed deal for 50% off when you first visit their site–so if you are on the fence about the program, consider the pros and cons before giving their site a visit.

Final Thoughts

Training programs like these are not for everyone. If you are not committed to learning, or do not have time to prioritize this program, it is probably best to wait for a better time before making the investment.

If you are looking to pursue a profitable niche in a short period of time, rather than picking up a hobby at a leisurely pace, you will probably gain a lot from Mobilize Revolution’s flexible and affordable program

If you want to improve your business’s customer engagement by providing a new platform resource they can open on their smartphones and tablets, applications could be your solution.

7 Reasons Why A Sales Funnel Is Important – A Common-Sense Guide

Whether you are a digital marketer, a content marketer, an affiliate marketer, a professional with something to offer the world, or even just another normal ‘person’ wanting to start an online business… sales funnels are going to be important to you. 

Why, you may ask?

That’s a great question. 

Because there are many ways to sell things online and make money

But about 99% of these methods require large sums of money to get started. But even beyond this, they are also painfully slow

Traditional advertising and marketing methods, on their own, are cash eaters. They will eat up your cash, send you a few customers, and come back next-month to start the cycle all over again. 

And in addition to this, they also require a lot more time. They are slower to implement, slower to test, and gain you customers at a slower rate. 

The idea of spending thousands of dollars on a few customers who may or may not even help me to recoup the cost of the advertising is certainly not a good one, as far as I am concerned! 

But that is where a sales funnel comes in… and why it is so important. 

A sales funnel can be launched in an afternoon, with the potential to earn cash within 24 hours being a real, viable possibility. 

If you want to grow your online business with a controllable, testable lead-collection method that will help you to make consistent, reliable, predictable leads and sales on a regular basis, then you are going to really want to double-down on funnels, learn what they are, and start the process of deploying them. 

But before you can learn why funnels are so important, you need to be 100% clear on what their purpose is

So let’s talk about that first. 

What Is the Purpose of a Sales Funnel?

purpose of a sales funnel

The Definition Of A Sales Funnel

What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a series of web pages designed to create a specific, reliable, and repeatable result.

The goal is to move a cold web-traffic user from a state of not knowing who you are, what you do, or how you could benefit them, all the way to your landing/opt-in page, where they will begin the process of knowing you, liking you, trusting you, and wanting to spend their money on the service or product that you offer because they believe that it is going to help them achieve a goal and/or avoid a fear. 

But Why Is A Sales Funnel Actually Important?

why is a sales funnel important

You might be asking why a sales funnel is important?

Why bother with it? 

Sales funnels will help you help your customers while guiding them toward the solution to their problem. But it will also really increase your opt-ins and sales… which means growing your business, and ultimately, earning more in revenue. 

Imagine setting up an online system that collected leads, opt-ins, and sales all on its own? Imagine setting up such a system, and then being able to watch your sales and email list climb steadily upward… all with very little to no extra work on your end? 

Before I started using funnels, my online sales were pretty inconsistent and hovering around a few grand per month. 

But once I started using funnels, we absolutely smashed through that 5-figure a month barrier, and just continued to climb. 

Ever since then, I’ve become a firm believer in the power of a properly-designed sales funnel. 

But let’s break this down and get deeper into it. 

Here are 7 reasons why having a sales funnel is actually really, really important! 

  • It Gives You Free Leads
  • It Makes Cold Prospects into Excited Customers Fast
  • It Automates Customer Acquisition
  • It Filters Bad Customers, Allowing The Good Ones to Rise to the Top
  • It Makes 2nd Chance Sales Easy
  • It Makes Scaling Revenue Simple And Straightforward
  • It Eliminates The Need For Large Startup Money

Now, let’s do a deeper dive on each one of these, and talk about exactly what they mean!

It Gives You Free Leads

An effective funnel will… 

  • Bring traffic to your landing page
  • Convert a certain percentage of that traffic with a free-item offer to get those customers on your email list
  • Sell a one-time-offer and upsell to a certain percentage of those who opted-in
  • And liquidate your ad spend

This is a HUGE part of what makes a funnel the perfect way to acquire new customers, traffic, and leads. It also makes a sales funnel the perfect tool for building your email list. 

Of course, you need to split test and drive up your numbers to the point where you break even… but the great thing about a funnel is that breaking even is all you have to do to make it pay off

Why Does Breaking Even With A Sales Funnel Count As A Win?

A lot of ‘supposed’ funnel/affiliate market gurus push the idea of making your funnel profitable on the front end

But professional digital marketers with long track-records of success know that building your email list and liquidating your ad spend are the most important functions of a funnel

When a customer opts-in to your free item offer on the landing page of your funnel, they will be effectively joining your mailing list. 

But they will also be taken to your one-time-offer page, where they will be offered an awesome one-time-offer on a product that complements the free item they got for opting in. 

And when they go to checkout and pay for that item, they will also be shown an upsell product that they can buy which further enhances not only the free item, but also the one-time-offer they’re purchasing. 

If they purchase one or both of these products, you turn a pretty big profit that more than pays for what it cost you to get that customer to your landing page. 

So what do you do with this money? 

You don’t pull it out and take a vacation with it!

You Put This Money Right Back Into Customer Acquisition

Instead, you put this money right back into your Facebook ads, and you use it to drum up even more traffic to get more people onto your landing page

And the cycle continues. 

This is how a true sales funnel will reduce your ad spend to zero, providing you with self-liquidating leads over and over again. 

I’ve run hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook ads over the years. 

And yet, my only out-of-pocket expenses on those Facebook ads occurred when I first invested a couple-hundred dollars into them to get things started, way back when I first started running funnels. 

Since then, my funnels have been self-liquidating my Facebook ad spend, while also building up my email list at the same time. And that is powerful!

There Is No Other Platform That Lets You Self-Liquidate Your Ad-Spend

self liquidate your ad spend

You can search far and wide for better, cheaper advertising and lead-generation than you get with sales funnels. 

But you won’t find it. 

When you get this system split-testing and performing correctly, it is absolutely INSANE. 

How else could I have recycled hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook ad-spend over the course of the last 10+ years? 

Sales funnels have essentially allowed me to hack the Facebook ad game… to the point where now I am basically running ads on house money! 

It is incredible to imagine how much money these ads would have cost me if I had paid for them out of pocket. It just wouldn’t have been viable! 

But because of the sales funnel template I run, I have been allowed almost unlimited access to one of the greatest advertising platforms of all time… and instead of the money coming out of my pocket, it just recycles itself and pays for itself!

It is truly amazing, and there is no time like NOW to get in on it, while the Facebook ad game is still super strong! 

Wouldn’t you like to be able to run as many Facebook ads as you want without paying any extra money for them?

Imagine having your Facebook ads pay for themselves, while also building up your email list to make you more money down the road!

That is the power of a sales funnel. 

It Grows Your Email List And Sets You Up For Serious Long-Term Direct-Marketing Potential

grows your email list

This is, without a doubt, the single most important reason to have a sales funnel. 

A self-liquidating funnel is intended to serve one major purpose… 

It is intended to help you build your email list

Your email list is where the real marketing power lies. 

This is what you will use to… 

  1. Introduce yourself to your customers
  2. Build trust with them
  3. Communicate with them about the problems they are having
  4. Offer help and support that will bring real, measurable value to their lives
  5. Market products and/or services to them that will not only make you money, but also help them as they navigate their problems and continue to work toward their goals and desires

The Broadcast List Is Where The Most Money Is Made

broadcast list

Once my customers get through the autoresponder sequence (the follow-up emails they receive automatically after opting-in), they are put on a broadcast list. 

We send emails out to this list almost daily, providing all kinds of additional value and helping our audience on their journey to overcome their problems and achieve their goals. 

This is trust building. I know that I have what it takes to help my customers… and the more value I provide for them, the more eager they are to buy the products that will help them. 

You can perform a number of direct-marketing functions that make this list extremely profitable. You can… 

  • Offer memberships
  • Set up other funnels for your email list
  • Direct-market products
  • Maintain a dialogue and build a long-term relationship with your list 
  • Make your list aware of your new books, courses, records, and videos that are coming out

This list really goes on and on. 

Turn Cold Leads (people who are unaware of you) into Excited Customers in As Little As 15 Minutes

Facebook offers insane value on ads right now. You can set up your own custom ad campaign, custom-pick your audience, and really go to town bringing people to your landing page. 

And this makes a sales funnel even more effective.

Once you build your sales funnel, and you start using a self-liquidating offer to pay for new ads as people buy your one-time-offers and upsells, you can automate this entire process… even down to the autoresponder sequence that follows-up with new email list members. 

Once you have this entire process automated, it will literally work on its own with minimal need for involvement from you (aside from split testing, which you will still need to do constantly… to improve conversion rates and close leaks in your system)

It Automates Customer Acquisition

automates customer acquisition

Imagine being able to set up your funnel and watch it work without being required to move all of the different parts yourself?

Imagine watching leads, opt-ins, and sales come in on their own, automatically, thanks to systems that you have set up, split-tested, and designed from the ground-up. 

Imagine making sales off of these leads, and watching that money add up… just waiting for you to put it right back into Facebook for new ads. 

And finally, imagine having your email list growing while you sleep, your automated system emailing new opt-ins, and automatically following-up with newcomers… even if you are nowhere near your computer!

Yes, this sounds like the stuff of dreams… but sales funnels actually make it a reality. 

The Ability To Automate Is A HUGE Asse

The fact that sales funnels are automated is, in itself, a MASSIVE advantage. If you set up a system that requires you to manually follow up with every lead or opt-in, you’re going to get bogged down faster than you could imagine. 

So customer acquisition is automated and takes care of itself with a sales funnel. 
Not only that, but it also gets more efficient and better over time.

Filters Bad Customers, Allowing The Good Ones to Rise to the Top

filters bad customers

A sales funnel employs many tools to help you ‘close the deal’ on your opt-in page. You might use sales copy, videos, bullet lists, a sales letter, a killer headline, etc. 

You will also constantly be split testing all of these things to see what does a better job of converting opt-ins. 

But even before that, you have the power to really go after your target audience using Facebook ads. You can select your perfect customer groups while setting the criteria for your ads. But you can also custom-tailor your Facebook ads to appeal to these people. 

Provide Solutions Instead Of Selling Products

This is where you need to get creative, and think about what your ideal customer needs and is looking for. You then back-engineer this information and use it to build your Facebook ads campaign and sales funnel copy. 

But when all of this gets dialed in, you will be left with a sales funnel system that is completely focused on bringing your ideal customers into your fold and onto your email list… where you will be able to market to them in the future and help them to solve the problems they are having

In the end, that is really what this is all about. 

You are offering solutions to your audience, that are going to help them solve a problem that they are having

You, having experience with this particular problem, have the knowledge/tools/gadgets/courses/books capable of helping them… and your sales funnel is that point of convergence where everything comes together, serving as a catalyst for a future relationship between you and your customers. 

Focusing On The Perfect Facebook Ad

focus on the perfect Facebook ad

Targeting the right customers on Facebook is only the first part. You also need them to click on your ad! 

Unfortunately, there is no universal winning formula for making a Facebook ad convert every time. 

The only way to get better at this is to split test, split test, and split test some more! 
With that being said, here are some tips to help you really crush your Facebook ads.

Watch Your Relevance Score

Once you launch your sales funnel, you should hold-off on changing things until you get your Facebook Relevance Score. Your relevance score will play a big part in the pricing of your ads. 

To get the cheapest cost on ads, you want your relevance score to be really high. This basically means that you are getting positive feedback, positive comments, positive interactions, etc. 

Your relevance score populates after 500 impressions. After you figure out what your score is, you can start to tweak it and split-test to make it better.

Split Test The Images As Well As The Copy

Your Facebook ad copy is obviously really important. But you also want to split test the images. You can try stock images vs. your own branded imaging, you can try images of different things, etc. 

Try to get into the mind of your target audience. What types of images would really catch their attention? 

Use A Swipe File And Model Successful Ad Copy To Level-Up Your Facebook Ads

If you’ve never used a swipe file to level-up your copywriting, you should probably start looking into it! 

A swipe file is essentially a collection of brilliant, professional examples of headlines and copywriting that really stand out to you as well-done.

Then, when the time comes to start putting your own ad-copy together, you can pull out your swipe files and model your favorite ads to help you figure out a format for them. 

Headlines can be especially challenging to get right if you are not a writer. So put some effort into this and try to level-up your skills by using examples from some of the best copywriters in the game. 

It Makes 2nd Chance Sales Easy

makes second chances sales easy

If cold-leads get to the landing page and fail to opt-in, you can actually retarget them with a different set of ads to get them to come back using a Facebook retargeting pixel. 

A funnel makes retargeting like this an extremely simple process, because the conversion data is easy to feed to Facebook… and because everything is happening right within the context of your funnel

I retarget these customers with a different set of Facebook ads, telling them the top 3 reasons to opt-in and get that free thing in exchange for their email. 

At this point, they’ve already been to my landing page. They know at least a little bit about me, and know at least a little bit about what I have to offer. 
But for some reason, they didn’t opt-in for the free thing. So retargeting makes it easy to try to get those people back onto the landing page, to actually get them signed up.

It Makes Scaling Revenue Simple And Straightforward

Scaling revenue made simple

It is monumentally important to split test every element of your funnel, to ensure that you are getting the most opt-ins and conversions possible

But one of the great things about a funnel is that it gives you that kind of consistency. You can test different landing pages, and you can test different headlines. You can test different offers… and you can see what converts better. 

Since a funnel gives you a repeatable, consistent framework for converting traffic into leads, opt-ins, and sales, it provides the perfect opportunity to split test and increase your results.

Split Testing Is The Key To Making Funnels Work

Since every market and every niche is different, there is really no substitute for split testing. 

I’ve been running funnels for years now. I’ve earned 6-figures in my online business many times over… and even I cannot tell you, for sure, what is going to work and convert for you. 

The only way to make a funnel work really, really well is to split test it. 

So perform those A/B split tests. Test your landing page, your sales copy, your headlines, your checkout page, your offers, your upsells… everything. You can even test different price-points for the same offer. 

Of course, you only want to split-test one thing at a time… because you want clear data on what actually works. (You can click here to learn how to A/B split test the right way.)

If you keep split testing, you will eventually see your conversion and opt-in rates creeping upwards. At some point, you will realize that you are making so much on your one-time-offers and upsells that you will be able to increase the amount of traffic you send to your landing page. 

And this will just continue to snowball.

Eliminates The Need For Large Startup Money

eliminates large setup money

If you have a book, a gadget, a widget, a course, an item, a video series, an MP3 series, or anything else that you would like to sell online, then using a sales funnel could really eliminate the need for you to go into debt to start advertising. 

I truly feel that a funnel could be the answer to almost any situation where an entrepreneur wants to sell something, but isn’t sure how to do it without taking out a huge loan and blowing it on traditional advertising methods.

Traditional Advertising Is Expensive… And Often A Waste Of Money

Traditional advertising is, quite simply, a total waste of money in almost every case… whereas a funnel, using a self-liquidating offer, gives you the opportunity to continue to gather an email list while building awareness and trust for your brand. 

Of course, you will probably not make any money on the funnel itself. You aren’t supposed to! All this does is pay for your ads. 

What it does do is build you an email list that you can later use as a marketing tool. And that is where you will really start to sell your gadget, widget, course, item, etc. 


Hopefully, this post has helped to demonstrate why sales funnels are important, and why every business and/or entrepreneur could utilize them to really increase leads and sales. 

And of course, funnels make it super easy to build your email list… which is the crucial component to this process that will allow you to turn all of those leads into potential long-term customers. 

And that is where you will start to see real, measurable, cumulative growth and revenue in your business… not only in your email list, but also with sales. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to hit me up in the comments. 

Are you currently running a funnel? Or are you still considering doing it? In either case, drop a line and let me know where you’re at. 

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you on the next one! 

Startup Bootstrapped Review: Is This Course Right For Your Business?

We all look up to the software startup CEOs who made it big with nothing but their ideas and their work ethic. 

But as much as we all wish to be like them, many of us cannot truly imagine ourselves in their shoes.

Well, everyone started out somewhere–and for you, building your small business might mean starting with a simple, easily understandable class on the basics of startups.

And this is exactly why I’ve put together this Startup Bootstrapped review! 

The formula for success is out there, you just need to learn the tricks of the trade. There are a lot of programs out there, each one with different perspectives, teaching methods, and niches.

Startup Bootstrapped is a flexible, completely virtual training program that offers a comprehensive exploration of everything needed to thrive in the startup world.

Could this program be the key to your goals, or is it one of many online programs that never seem to produce any results?

In this review, you’ll learn about the program… from the modules to the available bonus features, to help you decide whether formal training is the next step you need to help you chase your dreams of being a Silicon Valley CEO.

Let’s dive in. 

What Exactly Is Startup Bootstrapped?

Startup Bootstrapped is essentially a business that helps people learn how to develop successful software businesses

But it is surprisingly easy to understand, and does not require a ton of technical experience to figure out. 

The courses you get when you pay for the program essentially grant you complete access to the system that the founders used to generate over $20 million in software sales of their own! 

So they definitely know what they’re doing. 

But what kinds of features can you expect?

Let’s talk about that. 

Accessible Education

accessible education

Education isn’t always readily available to those with busy, unpredictable, or inflexible schedules. 

Even the idea of night courses is not exactly feasible if you run a business that experiences its busiest hours during the evenings.

Startup Bootstrapped doesn’t require you to attend lessons in-person, meaning that you can take the course on your own schedule. 

Whether you are doing your modules over the breakfast nook, or before you head to bed, you can complete this course when and where it is convenient for you

And that is a definite upside. 

Comprehensive Modules

comprehensive modules

The course contains nine distinct modules, each one focused on an important element of running a startup.

With each module, you will gain more confidence and learn more tips and tricks to succeeding in an industry that can be notoriously difficult for newcomers to get a head-start in.

By breaking down each lesson into simple concepts and terms, newbies, social media influencers, and tech industry veterans alike will have something to gain from it.

Consumer-Oriented Approach

consumer oriented approach

A golden lesson that everyone in the business world should already know is the fact that the customer comes first, each and every time.

Putting value first in everything you do is absolutely critical to long-term success. 

This course is for business owners or those who want to become one, but the needs and desires of the customer are never forgotten, ensuring that your perspective on the startup world is always focused on how you can help solve problems and deliver solutions, rather than on simply making a profit.

Time Consuming, But Flexible

time consuming but flexible

Even on the busiest days, it is important to try to learn something new. 

Granted, you may be a very busy person. 

But despite this, it is still important to make time to try to learn new things. 

If you are in the early days of a business, have dependents to take care of, or have a full-time job or a side hustle, then it might be a challenge to make the most out of a course like this.

In other words… it takes a while! 

It should be noted, however, that you do have the option of taking this course at your own pace. 

But be warned… you’ll definitely reap the most benefit if you can find time to fit the entire course in within a reasonably consistent timeframe. 

In other words, if you stretch it out over a year or two… you are probably not going to retain as much from it! 

Bonus Features

bonus features

If you’ve taken the course (or are working away at it) and are still hungry for more resources, Bootstrapped offers a number of bonus features to help you out.

Some of these resources include factsheets and handy guides that are catered to specific elements of the startup world, like writing your full business plan, product development, marketing, hiring a team, and how to understand how much money your startup needs (or how to actually get revenue. Click here to learn about my million dollar sales funnel).

Live Calls

live calls

In the past, Bootstrapped has offered its customer base access to exclusive live call sessions.

These video-recorded sessions offer students the ability to interact directly with the experts behind the program

These calls are open to all students, rather than being one-on-one call sessions. This means that other students will also be attending the live calls as an audience, sort of like a co-working space.

If online learning is a new concept for you, these live calls can help to bridge the gap between traditional face-to-face learning and distance courses.

Issues With Distance

issues with distance

Despite the live calls and interactive nature of the modules, many people still struggle with distance education.

It can be challenging when you are unable to ask a question and immediately get an answer, and it can feel a little lonely to go through a course on your own. 

On the other hand, you might benefit from the ease of learning on your own time. 

And of course… distance learning offers you the opportunity to save time by skipping the commute as well.

Courses like this might present their own set of challenges, which is why it really comes down to how you prefer to learn

There’s no right or wrong way to go about creating your own startup (okay, there is certainly is, but forgoing a virtual course is not one of them).

If distance is an issue, this course might not be your cup of tea. 

However, if virtual learning is something you know you would like to try, it is definitely worth the investment.



The course is a few hundred dollars, which is cheaper or on-par with many in-person coding bootcamps and other programs similar to it. 

It is also a lot cheaper than any post-secondary program.

However, it is important to note that this program requires an investment. For that reason, it is important that anyone interested in it be willing and able to commit the time and effort it takes to succeed in it.

Final Thoughts

As far as distance learning goes, Bootstrapped is not without its fair share of competition. 

That being said, with its commitment to livestream, supplementary materials, and beginner-friendly lesson plans, this program shines brighter than many of its competitors.

If you can’t see yourself ever taking a course like this, that’s alright–you might benefit more from a real in-person class. There are always pros and cons to online learning.

Ultimately, this class will not make or break your success as an entrepreneur in the business world. 

It will not be an alternative to working hard, interacting with your customers, and collaborating with the right individuals.

But it can be a great tool to help you learn more about the startup world, and how you can take steps to turn your dreams into a reality. 


Do you have any additional thoughts or questions about this software? Drop a comment below and feel free to continue the discussion! 

As always, I love to hear what you have to say, and love to answer any questions you might have! 

Until the next one, be well… and keep on crushing it! 

7 Step Sales Funnel Checklist – Create a 6-Figure Sales Funnel!

If you want to make money online, you first need to understand how to do it. There are all kinds of ways to make a bit of cash using the internet… but if you aren’t using sales funnels, you are 100% going to leave the majority of the money you could be making on the table.

There are people who know a little bit about sales funnels… but who want you to think that you need to spend thousands of dollars to buy the software and courses to make them work. 

The truth is actually quite different. 

Funnels do not cost a lot of money. You don’t have to take out loans or buy templates from the gurus to make them work, either. 

And to prove it, I’m going to give you my 7 step sales funnel checklist absolutely free… no payment required

If you want to… 

  • Automate your online earnings
  • Save money on advertising with a system that generates its own leads
  • Build your email list with a system that liquidates your ad spend, virtually earning you leads and opt-ins for free
  • Help your audience by giving them automated, easy user access to your products and/or services… 

Then a sales funnel is absolutely the way to go. 

Here is everything you need to know to get it up and going. This is the checklist I use to generate 6 figures a year… and you can do the exact same thing! 

Sales Funnel Basics: What You Need To Have To Make It Work

sales funnel basics

Sales funnels are a lot like surgery. You are either doing it right, or you are not

They are not open to interpretation, and you can’t just ‘happen into them’ by accident. 

A sales funnel is a series of pages, designed in a specific way, to take your visitors down a specific sequence of steps, which will result in them opting-in to your offer and making sales along the way. 

A sales funnel does not require you to… 

  • Have a website
  • Have your own products
  • Have a ton of traffic
  • Spend a lot of money on ads
  • Pay someone to build you a system
  • Become a content-marketing mastermind 

These are all very common misconceptions. 

A sales funnel will, however, help you to earn actual, real, scalable income online. 

But once again, you have to know how to build the right kind of funnel the right way. 

And the only way to know if a funnel is working is to track the results with hard data. 

And the only way to get this data is through split testing. 

But even proper split testing requires you to build your funnel correctly. If you don’t, you won’t be fully optimizing your effort and ad spend. 

So what do you need to make your funnel work right? 

Here is my 7 step sales funnel checklist to answer that question

Step 1: You Need A Rockin Opt-In Page

opt-in page

Regardless of which mechanisms you use to bring new cold leads into your funnel, you are going to need an Opt-In page to get things started. 

Your opt-in page is a landing page that is essentially offering a new big idea to your audience, in the form of a free offer, in exchange for them signing up to your email list. 

The offer could be for a free ebook, a free report, a free course, a free video series, a free MP3, etc. 

Of course, you will ‘sell’ this offer with professional sales copy, some great headlines, and maybe even some bullet points. But the general idea here is to introduce yourself to this new cold traffic visitor, let them know what you are about, let them know that you can help them, and convince them that the first step to solving their problem is to opt-in to your free offer

New Big Idea & New Lead Magnet

New big idea

You will need to portray your free offer as a ‘new big idea’ to sell it to this cold traffic. 

You want these potential new customers to be so interested in what you are offering, that they immediately sign up for the free thing in exchange for their email address. 

This is your lead magnet

A lead magnet is basically an incentive (usually a free thing) that you use to get visitors to opt-in and give you their email address. 

This is also how you build your email list… so you really want to make sure that you do your best to get as many conversions on this page as possible

How do you do that? By split testing. 

Split Test!

split test

Once you design a landing/opt-in page and start running Facebook ad traffic to it, you will want to set up a split test and try out a different  landing page at the same time. 

What is a split test, you might ask?

A split test is essentially a method for carrying out A/B tests that are not only controlled, but also randomized… to give you hard, accurate data telling you exactly which version of the ‘thing’ you are testing (landing page, checkout page, Facebook ad, etc.) works better. 

After split testing, you will know which version performs better… and the idea behind split testing is to use it to constantly improve the results you get from your sales funnels. 

When it comes to your landing page, split testing is really important. But when you perform split tests, you generally only want to tweak one element of the page at a time

You do this to find out which one does better. Try out different headlines, different sales copy, a different layout, different bullet points, etc. 

Once you have a winner, adopt that as your default, but immediately start split-testing again with something new. 

Never stop split testing! This is how you get your conversion rate to a higher percentage, which means more opt-ins… and ultimately, more sales. 

Facebook & Google Tracking

Facebook and Google Tracking

You also want to make sure that you have your Facebook and Google tracking installed correctly, so that you can analyze your progress, find out what your conversion rate is, and feed all of that data back to Facebook. 

If you don’t feed this data back to Facebook, or use it in Analytics, how will you be able to analyze it to see how well the funnel is actually performing? 

This is a pretty nerdy, complicated process… but you can watch this video to learn a lot more about how to do it. 

Step 2: Follow Up With Your Autoresponder Sequence

autoresponder sequence

You need an autoresponder email system that will automatically follow-up with people when they sign up for your free offer. 

Whenever one of your cold leads opts-in on your landing page, and signs up for the free offer in exchange for their email address, two things will happen. 

First, the ‘free item’ will be sent off to them… which is part of the ‘autoresponder’ sequence that will occur. Second, they will be added to your email list… which is a crucial part of why a funnel is so important, and why it is so important to build it correctly. 

The autoresponder sequence is basically a sequence of 3 to 10 emails, coming at a rate of one email per day, that follows up with them after they opt-in for your free offer. 

These emails deliver the free offer, introduce your business to this new ‘list member,’ and start the process of building trust. The emails deliver value, and communicate how you are the best person in the world to help them solve the ‘big problem’ they are having. 


I use tags in my auto responders so that I can identify which individuals in my list came through which particular forms or opt-in pages. 

And of course, every person who signs up for the free offer is not only sent an autoresponder sequence, but is also added to my broadcast list. 

Follow Up And Broadcast List

follow up and broadcast list

You need to send out not only follow up emails, but also a regular broadcast list! 

Follow-up emails are sent out as part of the autoresponder sequence. But after the follow-up sequence has been completed, these new list members are then put on your broadcast list. 

The people on this list should receive emails almost every day. These emails should be loaded with value to help your members with anything they might need pertaining to your niche. 

This is how you continue to build trust and value. 

But this is also where you stand to make the majority of your money in digital marketing… because you will also use this list to direct-market new products to your members. 

Step 3: Crush It With A Functional, User-Friendly Delivery Page

functional delivery page

You need a functional, user-friendly delivery page to deliver your free item to the user. 

This ‘delivery page’ is the page that actually delivers the free item you offered on your opt-in page. 

This is Basically A Completed Lead Magnet That Will Be Hosted Elsewhere 

You can host this free offer on your website, but the ideal thing to do is to host it elsewhere. 

When figuring out how to get this vital piece of the puzzle into the hands of your new list members, keep in mind that the most important part of the delivery page is how well it works for the user. 

You want simple, simple, simple! You don’t want your users to have to jump through hoops to get the free thing they signed up for. 

The Lead Magnet Delivery Is Tied Into Email #1

The delivery page should be tied into the first autoresponder email, though you will not actually deliver it through the email. Instead, you will deliver it via a third-party platform that supports the type of media you are delivering. 

Should You Include Offers On This Page? 

Part of this funnel includes showing a one-time-offer after the user opts-in. But some people also put offers on the delivery page when the free item is delivered. 

This could be a great deal on a product that really enhances the free item they got, etc. It is ultimately up to you to decide if you want to have another offer tied to your delivery page… but it is an option. 

Step 4: Make Your First Sale With A One Time Offer

one time offer

You are going to need a One-Time-Offer page built into your funnel. 

Here is how it works. 

When the user signs up for your free offer, you then take them to a page that basically says something like this. 

“Your free item is on its way and will arrive in about 5 minutes! In the meantime, check out this video to learn how to do even more to solve your problem…” 

I use a video on this page to really sell the one-time-offer, which is truly a one time offer for a product that will complement the free item, but offered at a very discounted price

The OTO on my current funnel is running a deal that offers 43% off on a product that just really enhances what is already being delivered, to make the free offer even better. 

You want to sell it like this… 

“Yes, that free item will start you down the path… but this one-time-offer is definitely what you want if you want to start kicking this solution into overdrive right now!” 

This is a very important part of the funnel, because selling the OTOs and upsells is what pays you for your Facebook ad spend, and gives you the ability to kick money back into Facebook for more ads to keep the funnel going… essentially allowing you to build your email list without spending any additional money on advertising. 

Make Sure To Split Test! 

Split testing is incredibly important at all levels of the sales funnel game. You MUST check this off of your list if you really want to succeed! 

You are going to be split testing virtually everything, to find the best version of what works and what doesn’t work. 

Split Test The Products

You can split test different products in your one-time-offer to see which offer appeals more to the kind of cold-traffic you tend to bring in. 

Split Test The Pricing 

You can also split test different price points. Does lowering the price by a few dollars result in more sales? Do you do as well with a $97 product as you do with a $17 product?

These are answers that you will only get once you’ve performed split tests to discover the data. 

Step 5: Close The Deal With A Smooth, User-Friendly Checkout & Delivery

checkout and delivery

You will need a checkout and delivery page for your one-time-offer… so let’s talk about that for a moment. 

Your customer has… 

  • Opted-in to get your free item
  • Arrived at the one-time-offer 
  • Clicked on the button to purchase this item

At this point, the customer will reach a checkout page, where they will pull out their card to pay. You should be split testing this checkout page religiously, because A LOT of sales are lost here! 

People get to the page, get cold feet, and end up not making the purchase. 

So split testing your checkout page, to find the best way to reaffirm to your customers that they need this product to solve their problem, is HUGE. 

Once they punch in their credit card number, they will be taken to a one-click upsell. 

Whether or not they choose to add the upsell, they will then be taken to the delivery page. 

The most important thing about this delivery page, once again, is that it needs to be incredibly simple and easy for your users

They just paid money for products, and you need to reinforce that newfound trust by delivering not only what you promised, but also by making the process as user-friendly as possible for your customers!

If you do this really well, you will build a lot of trust and really earn a lot of points with this person who just bought from you. And this means that you are increasing the chances that they will come back and buy from you again in the future. 

Step 6: Make Another Sale With A One-Click Upsell

one click upsell

You also need a one click upsell page on your sales funnel. 

This page comes up after the one-time-offer, while the transaction is still open… so after your customer has typed in their credit card information, but before the transaction finalizes and the delivery page opens. 

Here, they are offered yet another product that will even further enhance their experience

You need to be split testing this page as well… because you want to make as many upsells as possible. You can split test both with different products, and with different prices. 

Once again, as with the one-time-offer, the more upsells you sell, the more money you can take and put back into Facebook ads. 

If they skip this offer, the transaction with finalize and they will just be charged for the OTO. If they opt for the upsell, awesome! They will be charged for both, and both will be delivered as promised! 

Step 7: Facebook Ads, Pixels, And Custom Conversions

facebook ads

The final step here is to make sure that your Google analytics and Facebook ad campaign are set up correctly to make your funnel function as it is supposed to. 

Make Sure That FB Tracks Conversions

You want Facebook and Google to work together to understand what your conversion goals are, because you want to feed that data back to Facebook when you do make conversions. 

This will help Facebook to deliver more relevant traffic to you in the future… which will make your funnels more and more effective over time. 

You will also want to use a retargeting pixel from Facebook to retarget users who made it to your opt-in page, but failed to opt-in. 

You want to show these users a different set of ads, in an attempt to get them back to your opt-in page to sign up for that free offer. 

I am currently showing a longer-form ad to these visitors, giving them 3 reasons why they need to go sign up for my free offer, etc. 

Long Copy Vs. Short Copy Ads, Stock Images Vs. Branded Images, etc.

test facebook ads

You also want to be split testing your Facebook ads, and this includes experimenting with long and short copy. In some cases, you will find that longer copy simply works better… and in some cases, you will find that shorter copy is the ‘magic ingredient.’ 

But there is no way to know until you split test… so make sure to do plenty of split testing, to figure out what works better and what gets you more clicks, opt-ins, and sales

The same thing can be said of stock images vs. branded images. You need to split test not only your Facebook ad headlines and sales copy, but also the images that you use with your ad

Are your images stock images? Do they evoke emotion for the viewer? Are they inspiring the kind of action you need to inspire in your visitors to get the conversions you need?

The only way to know what will work better is to split test. 

A Final Sales Funnel Checklist

final sales funnel checklist

Alright. At this point, you’ve literally learned everything you need to know to go out and crush it with your own sales funnel

But just to make sure you don’t forget anything, here is a final checklist. It contains the 7 major steps you need to check off, along with some extra steps that you also want to make sure to incorporate

Here is the checklist you need to make sure that your sales funnel will crush, convert, and sell… over and over again! 

  • Opt-In page
  • Set up Google and Facebook tracking
  • Autoresponder sequence emails
  • Tag your emails so that you know where conversions are coming from
  • Ad new list members to your broadcast list after the autoresponder sequence is complete
  • Delivery page
  • One time offer page
  • Checkout and delivery
  • One click upsell
  • Facebook retargeting pixel on visitors who don’t opt-in
  • Spit test everything, over and over again
  • Put your earnings back into Facebook ads, to liquidate your ad spend and kick off another round of leads

Once you make it through this checklist and have mastered all of the different parts of this funnel, you will be well on your way to making money online. 

One of the main things to keep in mind is that you need all of this to be automated. That is the whole point of the funnel. If everything is automated, then you won’t need to babysit it… which gives you the opportunity to scale and earn anytime, even in your sleep!

Of course, also keep in mind that the main point of this funnel is to gather email list members and break even on Facebook ad-spend

All of the money you make with this funnel will get put right back into your Facebook ads. 

And that is how you create a self-liquidating funnel that covers its own advertising costs… essentially giving you the ability to build an email list automatically, without spending any extra money out of pocket.


Hopefully, this 7 step sales funnel checklist has given you everything you need to start crushing it online with conversions, opt-ins, and sales. 

But if it hasn’t, feel free to hit me up in the comments and let me know what else you need! 

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